The One Rabbit Team

Jonathan Roberts

Director - Conversion

Professional Background

“Being a part of the One Rabbit team provides me an incredible privilege and opportunity to connect with and advise many business leaders throughout Australia. It is a exciting time to be providing strategic counsel to these leaders on how their organisations can better engage and connect with their online audience”

Jonathan co-founded DGG with Fred Thompson in 1995 and has 25+ years of experience in sales and marketing. DDG changed to the One Rabbit business model in August 2013. Jonathan has a deep understanding of the challenges many firms face with consultative and complex sales cycles. He advises senior executives on how best to position their firms and build sustainable quality lead generation systems.

He has given over 50 presentations at seminars and conferences for organisations including:

  • Pitcher Partners Critical Point Network
  • Adroit Insurance Group
  • Karingal
  • Geelong Chamber of Commerce
  • Committee for Geelong
  • Harwood Andrews Lawyers
  • Mainstreet
  • Geelong Otway Tourism
  • Winchester Australia

The team at One Rabbit are experts in digital lead generation and marketing for businesses with complex sales cycles. Through our expertise we provide our clients with an online presence that delivers targeted quality sales leads.

Services & Specialisations

Positioning | Branding | Online Marketing Strategy | Lead Generation | Marketing Automation

Articles Written by Jonathan

The value of strong positioning: One Rabbit Touring NZ with Xero

“I would love for you guys to attend and perhaps run a workshop at each of our events to our 2,500 – 3,000 accounting partners. We are visiting 17 locations around NZ with a focus on Network Connections and Education. I follow your blog and emails, and I think your thought leadership is awesome and…

Insights for Marketers: APSMA Panel Discussion

Not sure what APSMA stands for? I’m sure most of you are well aware, but for those who aren’t it’s the Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association and if you’re working in a professional services firm they are an excellent resource. I attend a recent APSMA Victorian event entitled “What you wish you had known –…

Partner Change…. Evolution or Revolution?

No, I’m not talking about attending a Swingers Club, I’m talking about the challenge and opportunity within firms that have Partners joining or departing the firm. Partner Change within your firm can be an evolution or a revolution. The Senior Partners I meet and hear about typically: Have an enormous amount of knowledge and insight…

We (and others) Bang on about “positioning” but what does it really mean?

position noun 1. a place where someone or something is located or has been put. 2. a particular way in which someone or something is placed or arranged Where is your firm “positioned” and do you believe in it? I was watching Simon Sinek’s TED talk on “How great leaders inspire action” for the 5th or…

How events can be your best digital marketing activity.

Do you run events as part of your marketing and/or client acquisition strategy? We have been running events since 2009 and back then they were on the hot topic of social media. Initially we had 15-20 people attend a 2 hour session for $45 and by 2012 we’d have 70+ people attend all day events…

What would 10% more high quality leads mean to your firm?

What would 10% more high quality leads mean to your firm? What if you could increase your conversion rate by 10%? What if you could do both?   It’s a discussion I have every day with partners and marketers in professional service firms across Australia. However the answers I hear sometimes surprise me. Many don’t…

You call that a lead? This is a lead!

Most of us want to grow our firms and if not we want to attract higher margin clients that value our work and ideally are enjoyable to work with. We like to meet with prospects and discuss how we can help them solve the issues that keep them awake at night. We’re experts in our…

Get out from behind the brand; It’s not that scary and will be well worth it.

Brand, Brand Voice, Brand Messaging, Brand Equity, Brand Blah Blah Blah. The most important brand for a professional services firm is the personal brand of the experts within. We have a number of relevant philosophies we adhere to in our digital marketing two of them are this: “People are Experts not Brands” and “People don’t engage a…

It’s Ok, I understand you’re in a risk adverse, traditional firm.

That’s where the opportunity lives!  Most professional service firms are risk adverse (for good reasons), are hamstrung by a traditional approach towards marketing and business development (think referrals, events and brand building) and are finding it harder to attract higher value, quality clients. The opportunity is to break free of these chains, pass your competitors and start building…

Why 90% of your audience will never deal with you and why you shouldn’t care

I heard that statement during a webinar recently and felt a great weight lift off my shoulders. As many of you know I’ve been in sales, in one form or another most of my working life. However, we’re all in sales aren’t we…? trying to win the hearts and minds of our kids (good luck…


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