Making Firms Marketable

Establish meaningful differentiation

Value propositions that are
clear and persuasive

Convert more new business

Before you can market, you have to become marketable…

Is your marketing even working?

Marketing is a costly and ineffectual exercise if value cannot be articulated clearly, convincingly and with meaningful differentiation.

This is why so many firms’ efforts fail and they either give up or put their faith in expensive brand awareness and “buy from me” activities.

This creates a serious underlying problem. It makes it too hard for the buyer to buy from them because they fail to clearly articulate what it is they are actually selling, how they can buy it and what makes your firm a better choice than the rest.

If you can’t work it out, then how is your client supposed to?

That’s why they ask for a referral, we’ve made it too hard for them to choose for themselves.

That’s the problem we help you solve – we help make you MARKETABLE rather than just take to market with what you have already got.

3 key problems we help you solve

Create a meaningful differentiation strategy

From the outside looking in most competing firms all look basically the same. Their minor points of difference are cosmetic, depend on emotive wordsmithing and difficult to substantiate claims.

Meaningful differentiators have real weight behind them, making it easy for buyers to identify and select you as being in the best position to solve their problem.

Articulate a compelling and persuasive value proposition

This is not a brand or wordsmithing exercise, it’s deeper and more important than that.

The ability to put yourself in your client’s shoes and determine what it is they are actually buying is difficult to achieve when you approach it from an internal brand-based perspective.

Attract & build a predictable new business pipeline

Most firms have an over-reliance on word of mouth and referrals putting lead collection and client selection in the hands of others.

The right clients can and should be filtered out and attracted to you directly by your own means.

How We Work

Our engagements are structured across 4 sequential programs designed to lead you through the process through to implementation.

Each stage is a walk away point.

Pause at any point, take it further internally or continue to the next step.


Kick Starter Workshop: ‘Making Your Firm Marketable’

Ready for a strategic rethink of how you approach the market?

Have a strong idea of where you are and where you want to go? The route to market isn’t clear and you’re looking for that outside perspective to sharpen your approach.

This is a 2 to 3 hour interactive session to get advice, direction and ideas into your hands as quickly as possible.

This is not a low-level tactical review of your current marketing.

Instead we’ll lead you through a strategical rethink of how you are approaching your market designed to leave you questioning potentially everything you’ve been doing.

We bring the One Rabbit approach and perspective to give you a different angle to view the situation and provide an honest look at how marketable your positioning is and what to potentially do to improve it.


Develop a Marketable Position

Develop ideas you’ve likely never thought of before.

Articulated clearly into a strong market position.

Building on the ‘Making your Firm Marketable’ workshop we dig down with deeper thinking.

We’ll work with you to strengthen your market position. This could be taking a whole new stance towards the market or improving the position you currently hold.

Articulate this position simply and clearly to your target audience making it easier for customers to buy and understand what it is they are buying.

Strengthen how you communicate and differentiate your perspective with a stronger, more compelling voice into the market.

We present our advice and thinking back to you as a home page positioning wireframe. This approach delivers a very clear and practical demonstration of how the messaging and components all come together and flow within the context of a website home page.


Content Strategy to Support Your Position

Hone in on your target audience.

Turn your positioning into a lead attract and convert strategy.

More detailed persona work is used to sharpen the messaging, finalise the positioning, language and develop strategic content themes.

Persona analysis to fine tune target audience pain points and refine the positioning.

Develop content themes that communicate perspective and thought leadership for attracting and nurturing the target audience.

Following a persona workshop, we’ll develop a persona analysis, draw out the pain points at different stages in the buyer journey, mapped to content themes and a series of content pieces identified to attract, nurture and convert your audience into leads.

Positioning wireframe will be updated to reflect new insights.

Key marketing assets will be identified for implementation and recommended steps to roll-out.


The Blueprints

Blueprint the key assets ready for implementation.

Depending on what support is needed, marketing assets are wireframed ready to be designed and built. This includes for example:

Website wireframes. Drawing on the positioning wireframe, craft a new website home page with key secondary pages used to describe and position your products, services.

Landing page wireframes. Apply messaging to landing pages used to convert visitors to your content.

Call to actions wireframed with messaging and website placement.

Example ads and lead baits for use on relevant platforms.


Now it’s over to you and / or your marketing agency to start marketing, building your pipeline and making sales.

While we don’t do the hands-on implementation, we can act in an advisory capacity to guide, oversee and support you through the journey and help hold everyone to account.

Content Coaching

For many, this is the most challenging part of the journey.

From finding a voice to writing in a succinct and engaging manner we can help you through the process via one-on-one workshopping, review and coaching.

Implementation Advice

DIY is a real option. Many of our clients will manage some or all components of their implementation and marketing. That’s the advantage of being more marketable… your marketing becomes easier.

Still, you may need some guidance and advice on website development, technology platforms, marketing automation, analytics etc. Our expertise covers all these areas and you can draw on us when you need it.

Others prefer to engage an agency to build the assets and run the marketing program.

It’s useful to have us in your corner as your advocate or sounding board to ensure that your agency sticks to the plan and delivers what we set out to achieve.

Strategic Advice

Want to keep us involved in an advisory capacity for strategic review of your ongoing marketing?

If you are running your marketing in-house or via an agency you can maximise the results by retaining a strong external strategy perspective.

We have different engagement models available to suit the level and frequency of support needed.

Before you start

Before beginning any engagement and to create a more valuable initial conversation we ask you to download and read our guide.


Inside you will find out more about the One Rabbit philosophy, learn some uncomfortable truths and how to market your firm.

Why it’s so hard for consulting firms to market themselves.
Practical steps you can take to overcome the uncomfortable truth and leapfrog your competitors.
The most common mistakes that consulting firms make in marketing themselves.