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Kick Starter Workshop:

‘Making Your Firm Marketable’

The Kick Starter Workshop is to get you moving forward, laying the groundwork for how we get you from where you are to where you need to be.

Finding the right approach to fix your underlying marketing challenges can be difficult. There are always lots of options and directions you could go.

Maybe, you don’t do any marketing, rely on referrals and not even sure if investing into our program is worthwhile.

Others have been actively marketing for years. Could you be doing it better?

And maybe you think you are on the right track, but just need some independent validation before proceeding.

Our client mix includes consultants who practice independently, small businesses just getting established through to larger mid-sized multidisciplinary advisory firms. Each has their unique challenges, but all know that marketing is more difficult than it should be and isn’t returning the expected demonstrable impact.

The Kick Starter Workshop is a small bite sized first step to take. Whilst it’s the first steppingstone into our full program, we’ve designed it to be a standalone engagement. You may find the workshop itself generates the ideas, momentum and clarity needed to get you moving in the right direction.

This two hour workshop (we’ll give you some homework prior) may be one of the most essential investments in your ability to generate new business.

Ready for a strategic rethink of how you approach the market?

The Workshop is not a low-level tactical review of your current marketing.  

Instead we’ll lead you through a strategical rethink of how you are approaching your market designed to leave you questioning potentially everything you’ve been doing.

As a management consulting firm, chances are you have been grappling with these questions for a long time:  

  1. Your pipeline of new work is unpredictable and largely dependent on forces outside your control. You need to find better ways to reliably scale up and down the inflow of new and better-quality work.   
  2. You don’t do any real marketing beyond basic brand awareness. You aren’t sure how you’d even go about doing it in a meaningful way or whether you should.  
  3. Maybe you’ve been marketing, but it has been underwhelming with a highly questionable ROI?  
  4. You struggle to articulate a compelling, differentiating value proposition.  

They need to be fixed. The Workshop is a kick start to make real progress on these questions and gain some clarity and direction on options.  

Here are some of the things we’ll work through:  

  1. How could the One Rabbit philosophy and approach be applied to your business.  
  2. An honest look at how marketable your current positioning is and what to do to improve it.  
  3. Brainstorm ideas to help you better position into your target market and better articulate the value you bring, thus being far more compelling.  
  4. Demonstrate how to use this to develop a scalable new business development machine.

The Workshop is facilitated by Jim Thompson (Co-Founder) and an additional senior consultant. We will provide a summary of our recommendations and a video recording of the session (if delivered virtually).

Like to know what other people who have done the Workshop think?
You can view  feedback from previous workshop attendees here.  

We’ve priced the Workshop very competitively, and is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee: if you don’t feel you’ve got at least our fee in real value, we’ll refund your money. 

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Inside you will find out more about the One Rabbit philosophy, learn some uncomfortable truths and how to market your firm.

Why it’s so hard for consulting firms to market themselves.
Practical steps you can take to overcome the uncomfortable truth and leapfrog your competitors.
The most common mistakes that consulting firms make in marketing themselves.