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Does your firm face these challenges?

Differentiating from your competitors in a meaningful way

From the outside looking in most competing firms look basically the same.

Meaningful means differentiating beyond the cosmetics and fluff that allows the buyer to determine you are best positioned to solve their problem before they meet you.

Clearly articulating your value proposition

This is not a brand or wordsmithing exercise, it’s deeper and more important than that.

The ability to put yourself in your client’s shoes and determine what it is they are actually buying is difficult when you have an internal brand-based perspective.

Attracting and converting more of the right clients

Most firms have an over-reliance on word of mouth and referrals putting lead collection and client selection in the hands of others.

The right clients can and should be filtered out and attracted to you directly by your own means.

The One Rabbit Philosophy

Man Who Chases Many Rabbits Catches None

The One Rabbit Process

Identify a target audience with a problem
Position your offer around audience pain points
Capture your audience early in the buying cycle before your competitors
Engage and retain the audience with compelling messaging
Convert the engaged audience into a new business opportunity
Measure & adjust marketing activities to get the best results

What are you looking for?

I want to learn about the One Rabbit Philosophy

We've curated an extensive library of thought-leading content delivered in our No Bullsh#t approach that outlines our perspective and philosophy for successfully marketing a professional service firm in the digital age.

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I'd like to see how the One Rabbit Philosophy can be applied to my firm

If you're a fan of our content, then you might be wondering how you could apply what you've read to your firm.

Jim Thompson will facilitate a full or half-day workshop with the key decision-makers of your firm to brainstorm:

  • A viable and differentiated market position;
  • Who your target audience is and how to target them; and
  • What your online presence and marketing model might look like.
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I'm looking for a marketing agency to work with my firm

Whether you need help with a single issue or a full-scale marketing campaign that needs to be designed and implemented, we offer a full suite of marketing and business development services for firms in the professional services sector.

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