One Rabbit Workshop

If you've found the One Rabbit philosophy on marketing professional service firms resonates with you, then the next logical step is to book in for a Workshop to see how it can be applied to your firm.

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Outcomes from the Workshop

Jim will facilitate a workshop with your key decision-makers to brainstorm the following outcomes:

A viable and differentiated market position for your firm.

Clarification around who your target audience is, and how to target them.

An overview of what your online presence and marketing model might look like.

The Brainstorm

The Brainstorm is designed for those who want to get clarity on their market position, target market, and where to go next.

Beginning with an education component the workshop quickly moves into the how what and where with your firm.

Sessions typically run 3 to 5 hours


The Roadmap

The Roadmap is the same brainstorming session with a follow-up report that details the outcomes of the workshop plus recommendations on;

  • Positioning and its articulation
  • Content themes
  • Audience targeting
  • Online presence
  • Calls to action and client engagement
  • Rollout


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