One Rabbit Workshop

If you've found the One Rabbit philosophy on marketing professional service firms resonates with you, then the next logical step is to book in for a Workshop to see how it can be applied to your firm.

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Outcomes from the Workshop

Jim will facilitate a workshop with your key decision-makers to brainstorm the following outcomes:

A viable and differentiated market position for your firm.

Clarification around who your target audience is, and how to target them.

An overview of what your online presence and marketing model might look like.

The Brainstorm

The Brainstorm is designed for those who want to get clarity on their market position, target market, and where to go next.

The Brainstorm or Marketing Diagnostic Workshop typically runs for 3 - 4 hours commences with a brief information session about our view of the world from a professional services marketing perspective. We’ll also discuss in broad terms, projects we’ve undertaken with firms similar to yours.

We will dig into the following:

  • The goals for the firm for the next one to three years: i.e. Increase revenue/margins & pipeline, attract quality staff, increase firm value etc.
  • Your potential market position/s and target audiences
  • How to best target and engage your target audience via digital means
  • Your internal readiness and gaps in your digital presence and capabilities
  • Your current marketing activity and its effectiveness

The goal for this stage of the workshop is to provide the attendees with a solid grounding in positioning and digital marketing specific to your firm.


The Roadmap

The Roadmap includes the Brainstorming session with a follow-up written report that details the outcomes of the workshop.

Post the workshop we will provide you with a detailed Marketing Roadmap that includes:

  • Initial positioning recommendations that ensure alignment to your ideal audience
  • How to best articulate your firm's position/s
  • Educational content themes for publishing via digital channels
  • Marketing benchmarks and KPI's
  • Suggested Wire Frames for website upgrade (if applicable)
  • Budget and resourcing requirements for implementation
  • Training plan to upskill team in BD and client acquisition
  • Sales engagement process overview to ensure new business opportunities are maximised

The report will provide the focus and outlines the short and long-term steps you need to take to insure your firm is well-differentiated and positioned.


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