Workshop References

“Our time with One Rabbit was invaluable. They helped us get laser-focused on our positioning in a few short hours, which we struggled with for almost 12 months. We left the workshop with clarity, certainty, confidence and, most importantly, alignment between 3 (very) opinionated directors!” 

Maranda McLaren

“One RabbitTM took the time to really listen to our business development challenges and were able to provide deep insights that showed us the way forward.

They were able to respond to our need to develop strategic oversight of our business development activities to ensure we had a clear message and direction moving forward, to support our growth strategy.

The diagnostic workshop gave us a solid reflection of our current activities which meant we were able to engage in planning and conversation about our future strategy.”

Belinda Perisic
General Manager
Coulter Roache

“The Marketing Diagnostic Workshop was a really helpful exercise that clarified our offering and our position in the market. The One RabbitTM team asked exactly the right questions to draw out the key understandings we were struggling to articulate and show up the holes in our existing knowledge.

They also provided the wisdom and insight to show us the pathway forward.”

Tim Jeffries
The Good Cup

“The workshop session we had with One RabbitTM really made the ‘Penny drop’ for us and gave us direction
for all our future marketing efforts – saved us a lot time and expense. We were trying to be too many
things to too many markets, and now we have a clear focused approach. Thanks Jim and Jonathan for the
great session”

Jim Cowan
Caliba Group

“We were in a state of total confusion. How will we take our existing business to the next level? Why
wasn’t our online presence generating quality leads?

Then we found One RabbitTM online ‘talking the talk.’ Hmmm… highly targeted market positioning for
professional services firms with complex sales problems. Sounds bloody perfect. But, do these guys walk
the walk? Bloody oath they walk the walk. Sign me up!

Right from the outset One RabbitTM diligently took us through their own unique step-by-step structured
approach to success. Making sure we were always up to speed, on the same page, getting gold standard
service, and outstanding value.

The net result is we are achieving the marketing goals we have set. Thanks to the ‘No Bullsh#t’ team at
One RabbitTM! I could not have done this on my own.

I am hoping that we will be able to partner with One RabbitTM as we continue to refine and grow our
business, one step at time.”

Steve Carvell
Director and Expert Change Agent
Tugboat Consulting

“As a start-up consultancy, our passion for our service was continually getting in the way of articulating
what we could offer our potential clients. We knew what we wanted to say, but we needed help. Our
search to see if a business could help create our marketing strategy, as a professional services business,
led us to One RabbitTM.

We were lucky enough to find that their Marketing Diagnostic Workshop really made sense and was what
we needed to do. The workshop was a great way to talk about our business, our passion, and how we got
to where we were.

One RabbitTM helped us to clearly establish what we wanted our business to be, and then translate that into
a product offering – products that clients would understand. Talking through what our services were and
packaging them up into offerings has been the difference to us; in our website, our branding, and our
marketing plans.

One RabbitTM has helped us formulate what we needed to say, but still allowed us to execute our marketing
plans on our own terms. Working with One RabbitTM was a really smart business decision for us.”

Andrea Chwalko & Teneille Pasque
Co-Founders and Directors
The Payroll Advisory Co

“We at REV4 Solutions are a small firm specializing in helping small to midsize businesses implement and
optimize the platform. We engaged One RabbitTM to help us go from working solely off
referrals from software vendor partners to generating our own leads and working with the clients we
want to work with.

The situational analysis is how this relationship began and I’m happy to say we are still working with One
Rabbit today. In the workshop, Jonathan and Jim sought to truly understand our goals for the business
and “met us where we were” in that they did not simply prescribe a canned roadmap to drag us down.

They worked with us to elicit enough information out of us to make well thought out suggestions of how
we could successfully niche down to a specific industry focus and problem to solve to help us cut through
the noise and reach more prospective clients.

They are great to work with and do an excellent job of adhering to their “no bs” mantra and making sure
to tell it like it is, while also seeking to understand the way we want to build our firm and working within
those constraints to still provide great value and a clear path forward.

We found great value in the situational analysis workshop and continue to get great value from One
Rabbit as we continue working on and refining our marketing activities. We have confidence that they
are well aligned with our objectives and allow us to focus more on our services and strategy as they fill a
major gap in helping us ensure we are well-positioned to reach prospective clients.”

Stephen Tangerman
REV4 Solutions LLC

“The workshop we had with the team from One RabbitTM was enlightening and helped us understand
where to focus our efforts to reach the ready to buy market. The outcomes where practical and

If you are looking for an experienced and results driven team to help you achieve your marketing
objectives, One RabbitTM would be a good fit.”

Monica Dunne
Director, Client Technology

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