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Conceptually there are 3 streams that most of our engagements follow, although often firms will follow multiple streams in parallel or choose parts from each. This would usually be driven by differing short and long term priorities.


The 3 streams are outlined below, but we recognise that most firms while having a broad set of objectives, will be unclear which pathway is the best option. As part of any prospective engagement we offer a Situation Analysis. This is a no charge consultation that maps out your current situation, explores at a high level the opportunities available to your firm and a roadmap of the options and activities to undertake.

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Targeted Positioning

Working alongside your leadership team, we help identify an area of expertise within your firm that can be crafted into a compelling market position to create a strategic and highly marketable advantage for your firm.

This position can involve a strategy to reposition your whole firm, positioning via a sub-brand or positioning a line of business to a target audience.

Building on this position, we help you articulate this to the target audience, formulate a perspective and build out a content marketing platform to attract, nurture and convert into new high value business.

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  • Finding a Targeted Position, Marketable Perspective and Target Audience
  • Design of Content Marketing Strategic Game Plan
  • Design and Implementation of Campaign Assets
  • Platform Setup, Execution and Ongoing Management
  • SEO and PPC Research
  • Social Media Channel Management
  • Measurement & Analytics, Insights and Reporting
  • Execution and Ongoing Management

Agile Tactical Marketing Campaign Design & Execution

Design, execute and measure tactical marketing campaigns.

These can be a one-off campaign to promote a specific offer or initiative, or part of a broader holistic series of campaigns designed to raise brand awareness, strategic growth, new business acquisition and client retention.

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  • Thematic Campaign Planning to Support Brand Awareness, Strategic Growth, New Business, Client Retention
  • Campaign Design & Tactical Planning
  • Design and Implementation of Campaign Assets
  • SEO and PPC Research
  • Social Media Channel Management
  • Measurement & Analytics, Insights and Reporting
  • Execution and Ongoing Management


Access our full suite of website, design, marketing and web development services to bring your entire online presence, brand and marketing collateral to the visual and functional level it needs to be.

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  • Existing Position Refinement
  • Brand Development & Creative Services
  • Website Design and Implementation
  • SEO Research

You can engage us on a project basis or join a select group of clients that use us as their very own outsourced marketing department

Outsourced Marketing Department Diagram

We act as your very own marketing department for around the same cost as your own employee but with 10 times the output and breadth of expertise.

If that’s not advantage enough then consider the following;

  • We are not one person – we don't get sick or go on leave
  • Our work doesn't expand to fill the time available
  • No need to engage other firms – i.e. designers, copywriters, photographers etc – we can do it all
  • We can be moved on anytime if it's not working
  • We will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear
  • We will give you clear understandable monthly reporting on all activities and RESULTS
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Where to Start? The Situation Analysis

Following initial discussions, the Situation Analysis is how we start all engagements.

The Situation Analysis workshop, that typically runs for 2-3 hours, commences with an educational session about our view of the world from a professional services marketing perspective. We’ll also discuss in broad terms projects we’ve undertaken with firms similar to yours.

We will then dig into the following:

  • Your internal readiness and gaps in your digital presence and capabilities
  • Your current marketing activity and its effectiveness
  • Your potential market position and target audiences
  • The ability to target and reach your target audience via digital means
  • The practicality of outsourcing your marketing
  • High-level ROI calculations for lead generation in identified markets

On completion, we will provide you with a high-level 3-4-page Situation Analysis (we all love brevity) that aligns the marketing direction and outlines the short and long-term steps you need to take to ensure your firm is well positioned and differentiated for new business in the digital age.

The only provisos for this workshop are:

If you’d like more information or would like to undertake a Situation Analysis Workshop please complete the form and I’ll be in contact shortly.


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Director | Engagement
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