Client Engagement Training for law firm partners

Get clarity and focus on your personal marketing and win more work.

All busy professional people have one thing in common – we are stuck with 24 hours in a day.

Urgent client work keeps demanding our focus and naturally, this is where most of those hours are consumed. What happens to the typically not urgent but essential work of improving and growing your practice area?

Think about activities like checking in with a past client, writing a post for your LinkedIn profile, growing your LinkedIn connections or heaven forbid thinking about who your ideal client is and questioning why you work with some of the ones you do.

Unfortunately, we all share this common problem too. Business development activity will nearly always feel uncomfortable, unproductive and not the best use of your time. It will never get up in your face like urgent client work. Instead, it will quietly work away in the background eroding the value of your business, leaving you working with less than ideal clients, less profit, less time and less enjoyable work.

I know many of you need help. Almost all of my own time is spent on BD with other professionals, many of them lawyers, providing me with unique insight into the industry and its challenges.

There are 3 things I feel are missing:

  1. Getting comfortable with the basics. Some things are easy to do, they pay dividends and won’t get in the way of doing the urgent client work if you know how to tackle them.
  2. Developing a BD process that is actionable and measurable. Just randomly firing darts into the air isn’t going to be a good use of time. A solid, purpose-driven process will make it part of your regular workflow, meaning it gets done.
  3. Skills training. There’s some learning to do but demystifying the actions to take and being equipped with the tools not only gives you the confidence to do BD well but can make it enjoyable and productive.

I know many of you want help… I get asked about it all the time

For anyone serious about taking real steps to develop a BD capability, I’m now offering a program to share my expertise, knowledge and established practices to the sector structured into three levels all aimed at achieving quick, practical and tangible results.

What are you looking for?


This engagement ensures your online presence as a minimum meets the professional industry standard.

In this virtual meeting (via Zoom), I'll review and assist you in improving:

  • Your LinkedIn Profile, does it include:
    • A professional photograph
    • Content is written in the first person
    • Details your depth of expertise
    • Your contact details, i.e. email & phone number
    • At least three quality blog articles supporting your knowledge
  • Your use of emails to engage potential clients
    • I'll review any past or current emails used to engage with potential clients
    • I'll write new and improved emails that focus on building trust and demonstrating your expertise
    • Discuss with you how to increase the effectiveness of email to generate new business
  • Discuss specific Client Engagement tactics I use daily to win more work and that you can use too

We'll do all the above via a video call that will last no longer than 60 minutes.

We'll make live changes and improvements during our virtual meeting (if possible)

I'll request some information before the virtual meeting and do some prep work to ensure you get way more value than you're expecting. I'll also do a follow up post our session to ensure you've implemented the changes we agreed upon.

You'll receive all of the above also I'll send you printed copies of all our current "No BS Marketing Guides".



Designed to take you to the next level, provide you with tools and comfort level to make BD a regular and enjoyable part of your working week.

We'll include all of the Hygiene activities plus these additional topics during our "one on one" 3-hour session at your office

  • How do you grow your network, online and offline
  • Where do you store prospect information? Outlook, a CRM or Practice Management Software, and more importantly, how do you use it?
  • How and who to reach out to on LinkedIn
  • What to offer in a meeting and the expected outcomes?
  • Should you develop a "bite-sized" engagement?
  • A follow-up strategy?
  • How to discuss pricing and respond to objections
  • A review of your proposals
  • Any other BD or management topics you'd like to discuss

Post our session; I'll provide a To-Do List of actions we didn't get completed during the workshop.

I'll then follow you up each week (for 3 x 30-minute sessions) via a zoom video call. I'll answer any queries, check-in on the success of any prospecting and generally be there to support you.



(From Wikipedia)
"...a rainmaker is a person who brings in new business and wins new accounts almost by magic since it is often not readily apparent how this new business activity is caused."

In this level of engagement, I'll show you that it's not magic and that you too can be a Rainmaker!

In this full-day onsite session, we'll cover all of the activities in Hygiene and Excel plus:

  • A brief information session about my view of the world from a professional services marketing perspective.

We will then dig into the following and most likely much more:

  • Your personal business goals for the next one to three years: i.e.
    • Increase revenue & Pipeline
    • Target clients and sectors
    • Attract quality support staff
    • Increase
  • Your potential market position/s based on your deep expertise and IP.
  • Who is your ideal client/s and hence your target audience/s?
  • Who is the economic buyer of your expertise, and what are the problems you solve for them?
  • How to best target and engage your target audience via digital and other means
  • Your current personal marketing activities and effectiveness

Finally, we will meet virtually on a weekly or fortnightly basis (for up to 6 sessions) to ensure the tactics we've agreed upon and implemented and improved.


Terms: Prepaid and fully refundable if you’re not satisfied with the value delivered. (excludes Out of Pockets)

This is a limited offer as I'm only undertaking one workshop per week. So, if you're interested in developing better BD skills and winning more clients, fill in the form below, and I'll be in contact to discuss in more detail.

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