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Beyond Google: The no bullsh#t guide to digital lead generation

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Tactical marketing to support brand awareness, strategic growth, new business acquisition and client retention.

Ever thought you’re flushing marketing dollars down the toilet?

Ever thought you’re flushing marketing dollars down the toilet?

Rebrands, SEO, new websites, social media, magazine ads, billboards, brochures, golf days, entertainment, sponsorship’s etc etc etc………. How much have you spent on this stuff over the years? Did any of it work and if so can you prove it with real data? … or put another way which is just as worrying… Can anyone…

Why professional service firms should never stop marketing

Why professional service firms should never stop marketing

It doesn’t matter how busy you are; you should never stop marketing. I’m not saying this because I run a marketing business, I’m saying it as I regularly see firms not making the most of their potential. We all view marketing as an activity to generate more revenue, right? That doesn’t mean you stop when…

Don’t you dare rip me off

Don’t you dare rip me off

Hey if you want my email address so you can put me in your sales funnel then that’s fine I don’t mind, I know how the world works, but just make sure you give me something of equal value in return. My email address and more importantly my time is worth a lot to me…

Digital marketing is your ultimate reality check – can you handle the truth?

Be prepared – the truth can hurt. One of the great things about digital marketing is that allows you to quite easily put your brand and offering right under the noses of the people you want as clients and the ability to measure their level of interest. When the initial level of interest is low…

Offline or Digital? Yellow Pages or SEO? Why you’re asking the wrong questions!

If you’ve ever been a regular Yellow Pages advertiser, the dilemma to renew your listing each year doesn’t get any easier. We’ve all been there! I’m tipping the results aren’t the no-brainer you wish it was! If you decide to sign on for another 12 months, it will be with some very real sense of…

How to generate more referrals via digital marketing

According to a 2014 ALPMA & JMA joint survey approximately 70% of Australian law firms see increasing their number of referrals and recommendations as a very important part of their future growth strategy. Conversely approximately 60% of the same firms see digital lead generation as an unimportant part of their future growth strategy and only 10% view it as…

I don’t need a GP, I’ve got Doctor Google!

When did you last visit your GP without already having self diagnosed what was wrong with you via good old Doctor Google? Think about it, I realise now that rather than just describing symptoms so my doctor can do a diagnosis I tend to tell him what I think I already have. It must drive…

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How should a generalist law firm approach digital marketing?
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10 reasons to spend your marketing budget on traditional media and not digital

The NO BS Digital Marketing Guide to
Attract New & Higher Value Clients to Your Firm

  • Lack Of Differentiation

    The #1 obstacle accounting and law firms face trying to market their firms.
  • Shake The Status Quo

    The enemy of all firms trying to extract new clients from an incumbent.
  • Attract & Convert The Unaware

    Win business from those who need you, don't know it and aren't even looking for you.
  • How To Build A Scalable Marketing Machine

    Dial up or down to regulate the inflow of new leads.
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