The One Rabbit Team

Jim Thompson

Director - Strategy

Professional Background


One Rabbit was born in part from a personal drive to help clients maximise the new business opportunities a well thought out and executed digital strategy can deliver. I counsel, advise, help and educate prospective and existing clients on how to best strategically position themselves in a fast changing digital age.

Prior to forming One Rabbit Jim had been with DDG since 1998, and is responsible for online strategy, directing web and online projects and bringing together the different teams within One Rabbit to work cohesively.

Coming from a background in management accounting his approach is strategic, precise and outcome driven. Combined with significant experience and knowledge relating to the online space, he works predominantly in online strategy development, positioning, targeted lead generation, marketing automation and website architecture.

He also has a strong background in the Tourism sector and has previously been a Board Member of Tourism Geelong.

Services & Specialisations

  • Positioning
  • Online Strategy
  • Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • Content Marketing
  • Information Architecture
  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Profit Maximisation

Articles Written by Jim

Common traits of our most successful clients

Something we didn’t consciously set out to do (not that I recall anyway) but along the way we have created our own tribe of some sorts – accumulated 1,000’s of followers and many clients along the way (p.s. – we still have room for more) and I thought it worthwhile to stop and think and […]

Four vital market segments you’ve probably never thought of…

There are many ways to dissect and segment the market but for me there are 4 key segments that sit above them all. It starts with 2 – those ready to buy and those not ready to buy, we can then divide these 2 into those that already know that you exist (aware) and those […]

5 key things a professional services firm can learn from gun Aussie retailer Cotton On

Being a Geelong boy it was great to read a recent article in The Age newspaper about Geelong based retailer Cotton On and how they mastered the middle market. For those of you that don’t know Cotton On started in a car boot in 1991 and “… housed just 40 staff in its headquarters 10 years ago. It now […]

Why the No Bullshit Approach? – Chapter 1 – The No BS Series

Welcome to the first of nine chapters in the No BS Series. This series of chapters is designed to be read following download of the No BS Guide to Digital Lead Generation and outline in more detail how you can make this work for your firm. Please note that all comments are made in the context of business to business transactions […]

Everyone is sitting on their hands! – Chapter 2 – The No BS Series

Welcome to chapter 2 of the No BS Series, in the last chapter we discussed the No BS approach and now move on to the state of play in terms of professional services marketing. From my experience and yes it’s anecdotal but very few professional services firms are serious about digital lead generation and of those that […]

An insight that will knock you off your feet! – Chapter 3 – The No BS Series

Welcome to chapter 3 of the No BS Series, in the last chapter we discussed the state of play in terms of professional services marketing and now do the big reveal … hold on to your hats! So far in this series we have established that digital has been a somewhat dark art perpetuated by […]

The monster known as DEB – Chapter 4 – The No BS Series

Welcome to chapter 4 of the No BS Series, in the last chapter we knocked you off your feet with a big reveal  and now its time to introduce our friend DEB. So what is the greatest impact the internet has had on business? It has completely destroyed some business models and created many more, but […]

The 3 keys to success – Chapter 5 – The No BS Series

Welcome to chapter 5 of the No BS Series, in the last chapter we introduced you to DEB now we introduce the 3 keys to successful lead generating digital marketing. If you downloaded and read the NO BS guide you would already be familiar with the 3 keys to successful modern marketing but let’s have a […]

Marketing to the Unaware not the Ready to Buy – Chapter 6 – The No BS Series

Welcome to chapter 6 of the No BS Series, in the last chapter we introduced the 3 keys to success and now dig beeper into the concept of marketing to the unaware. The real power of advanced digital marketing is that it allows us to cost effectively move much further up the funnel and attract […]

Why you can’t differentiate – the PS firms greatest challenge – Chapter 7 – The No BS Series

Welcome to chapter 7 of the No BS Series, in the last chapter we dug deeper into marketing to the unaware and turn our attention to the differentiation dilemma. We are not going to pretend it’s easy because it’s not – how do you differentiate one firm from another when from the outside it looks like […]