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My tips for writing blog articles

By Jim Thompson

The 2 biggest problems my clients seem to have are;

  1. Overcoming the fear of going narrow
  2. Writing content

I’ll explain later, but problem number 1 is intrinsically linked to problem number 2.

In the past 5 years, I’ve written about 200 articles and 4 e-books which I think is a pretty good output for an ex-accountant that never enjoyed writing and wasn’t particularly good at it.

Something back 5 years ago changed – here’s what I think happened…

  • I found my voice
  • I developed a perspective
  • My knowledge deepened as I worked with more and more professional’ services clients
  • I began to concern myself less with what others might think
  • I began to get followers and positive feedback from strangers
  • Much of my writing came from frustrations with general marketing practice, its lack of accountability and measurable results
  • The more I wrote the better I got and the less painful it became
  • It started to win me clients

There is no doubt whatsoever that without narrowing my focus I would never have written anything insightful or have been driven to do so.

It’s certainly difficult, if not impossible, to have a defensible and unique perspective with general knowledge while accepting and following standard practice.

There are plenty of good technical articles out there about writing blogs and tools to help generate ideas and topics, but aside from some SEO benefits, without a perspective and some courage, you’re just making noise and largely wasting your time.

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