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I’ve had an epiphany…

I’ve had an epiphany…

By Jim Thompson

I’m not a religious man, in fact far from it but last week I had an epiphany, or should I say I was given one by my colleague Conal McClure.

We were at lunch eating noodles cooked in lobster brain sauce having our ongoing conversation about what it is we really do for our clients and where our highest value sits.

We’ve never been comfortable calling ourselves a marketing firm as what we do is more than that and if you’ve followed my content for a while you will know that we don’t like putting ourselves or our clients in a box.

We’ve never made a secret of the fact that it’s always been easier to uncover and articulate what our clients do than what we do ourselves which explains why it’s taken nearly 10 years to finally figure it out.

In an attempt to work it out we nearly always ask our clients after our first engagement; what they think we did for them and I always get a different answer but its typically something along the lines of;

• Focus
• Clarity
• Insight
• A path forward
• A different perspective

All great stuff but in my mind still falls short of what we actually do.

So, without further ado here is what we do:


What does that mean exactly and why is it important?

Anyone can “market” a firm, but it can be a costly and ineffectual exercise if what you are marketing is undifferentiated and poorly articulated. This is why so many firms’ efforts fail and they either give up or put their faith in brand awareness and/or referrals.

I think the greatest problem this creates is that it makes it too hard for the buyer to buy from them because they fail to clearly articulate what it is they are actually selling and how the client can buy it whatever that is.

If you can’t work it out, then how is your client supposed to?

The problem is further compounded when they fluff about with corporate-speak and fancy wordsmithing, trying to attract anyone and everyone and in the process failing to meaningfully differentiate from everyone else.

That’s the problem we solve – we help make you marketable rather than just take to market what you have already got.

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