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How NOT to market a management consulting firm

How NOT to market a management consulting firm

By Jim Thompson

I had a lot of good feedback from my mock lawyer’s website, illustrating in no uncertain terms how NOT to market one.

If you missed it take a look here –

Yes, it may make some of you feel a little uncomfortable but I promise you, there’s nothing there that I haven’t actually seen or heard.

The real underlying message for law firms was the lack of differentiation and the emphasis on the firm and how good it is.

What about the client?

Okay only to be fair it’s now the management consultants turn.

All tongue in cheek of course, but the underlying message for management consulting firms is the inability to clearly articulate what they do and therefore what the client is actually buying.

This also leads to a lack of differentiation and the all too common template of vague positioning, buzz words, client logos and meaningless testimonials.

A warning for those of you brave enough to take a look it may either may make you laugh, squirm or cry.

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