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Client FOMO is a real thing

Client FOMO is a real thing

By Jim Thompson

We’ve all had FOMO at some stage (Fear Of Missing Out) when we see our friends off having a great time somewhere while you’re stuck at home or somewhere you’d rather not be.

It’s particularly prevalent now thanks to social media with people posting numerous pictures of their holidays and/or social activities.

Are they doing it to show off, make us feel envious or do they think that we actually want to see them?

Anyway, who cares if we’re missing out, not us right?

Well, let me talk about another type of FOMO that is all too real and has a direct impact on the ability to market our businesses.

Client FOMO – or Fear Of Missing Out on a client.

By that, I mean watering down your offering so that you don’t appeal too strongly to one type of client in case you don’t appeal or miss out on another type.

That fear can paralyse your ability to differentiate and therefore paralyse your ability to effectively market your firm.

A client told me not long ago that their ideal client has 3 things; a problem, money and courage. For me the 1st two are rarely the issue, it’s most often the lack of courage or fear of doing something different, narrowing focus and targeting a particular market sector.

How many clients are you trying to appeal to, how many sectors, industries or purported areas of expertise are you promoting?

If its everyone and everything then you more than likely have a client FOMO problem. Trying to appeal to everyone inevitably means you end up appealing to no one.

It’s cheaper, easier and more effective to market to a narrower audience because almost everyone else has Client FOMO too.

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