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Effective lead generation strategy for lawyers

Effective lead generation strategy for lawyers

By Jonathan Roberts

Having issues with effective lead generation? You are not alone! The internet, among other factors, has facilitated a massive shift in buying power away from the lawyer and into the hands of the buyer/consumer of legal services. This shift has given birth to the DEB the digitally empowered buyer.

She does her own research and forms her own opinion of you, doesn’t want to be sold to and looks well beyond the brand messages. We are all Deb.

However, the strategy of many lawyers is to still continue viewing digital lead generation as just another medium to do the same stuff we have always done. For example, many of us use our website and Google as a glorified yellow pages ad or electronic brochure.

This is why, when we talk about an effective lead generation strategy, we’re talking about a targeted lead:

an individual within your target market who has voluntarily given you their email address and permission to nurture and market to them on an ongoing basis because they value and want your knowledge.

Just to be clear, this is not about SEO, Adwords, telemarketing, database buying, a new website, social media, branding or fluffy “engagement” metrics. We are, very simply, talking about generating an effective and targeted lead and the process of moving them through your marketing funnel to the point of buying.

With that out of the way, let’s cut through all the marketing guru bullsh#t and show you what the nuts and bolts of a successful, effective and working digital lead program.

To do that we need to discuss the three keys to generating an effective lead for lawyers.




The traditional lead generation strategy is out, i.e. the strategy whereby a lawyer publishes generic marketing messages to a large, undifferentiated audience. The success of the system we outline here depends on how clearly you can speak to a very specific target audience, with a laser-sharp message.


Get noticed, generate enough interest and credibility to open an ongoing communication channel (email is great!) then continually earn the right to be heard.

This is a strategy aimed at educating, adding value and building your credibility as an expert that creates a strong desire within your audience to want to work with you. You might include blogs, email marketing campaigns, downloadable guides (here are our ours), webinars and a good website.

For this to be effective you have to be targeted, hence Key 1


The unaware are potentially your ideal client.

By unaware, we mean that perhaps they;

  1. Don’t know you exist
  2. Are not ready to hire a lawyer
  3. Would never have looked for, or found, you
  4. Don’t even know they have a legal problem
  5. Would never have made a connection between their pain points and your legal services

The great thing about a lead generation strategy targeted at the unaware is that, unless you’re the Apple of the professional services sector, they are a far larger audience than the aware – perhaps hundreds or even thousands of times so.

The true power of advanced digital marketing is that it permits us to cost-effectively move further up the funnel to attract and talk to these guys and gals.



The unaware lack the knowledge and awareness of how their problems connect to the solutions you can provide. If you hold key 2, you have the tools to do the job.

Conceptually the 3 keys make a lot of sense but finding them for your organisation can be tricky. Being effective at finding a targeted lead, attracting, nurturing and converting them will make all the difference to a successful outcome. Our insights workshops help you explore and discover the opportunities and develop a strong position from which to base your approach.

With the three keys clearly in mind, the following is the basic process to effective lead generation at its highest level:

  1. Identifying and defining an audience with a problem – Persona
  2. Positioning yourself around their problem – Position
  3. Developing a valuable (worth an email address) content piece that empathises with and addresses the problem – Lead Magnet
  4. Identifying where your targeted audience can be found – Lead Source
  5. A well-crafted hook to attract the audience – Lead Bait
  6. An email capture mechanism – Landing Page
  7. Lead magnet provision – Delivery mechanism
  8. Nurturing program and platform – purpose-built, email-based content and associated website and marketing automation platform.
  9. Conversion! – A face to face meeting with the prospect.

We discuss each of these points in further detail in our free no bullsh#t guide to marketing professional services guide, which you can download here.

Alternatively, we are pretty easy to find:



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