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How to market a law firm

How to market a law firm

By Jim Thompson

I spend a lot of time talking about what’s wrong with the state of professional services firms marketing and thought to myself is there a better way to get the message across?

The fundamental issues I continually raise are;

  • Lack of differentiation
  • Service attributes ahead of expertise
  • Over emphasis on brand and wordsmithing
  • Firm first, client 2nd
  • Chest beating
  • Lack of insightful content
  • Trying to appeal to anyone and everyone

As a prelude to my guide on How to Market a Law Firm I decided to build a website that demonstrates (in what some may find a confronting way) how not to do it.

It’s a fictitious law firm but the same can apply to any professional services firm.

Have a look, it may make you laugh, squirm or cry.


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The NO BS Digital Marketing Guide to Attract New & Higher Value Clients to Your Firm

  • Lack Of Differentiation

    The #1 obstacle professional service firms face trying to market their firms.
  • Shake The Status Quo

    The enemy of all firms trying to extract new clients from an incumbent.
  • Attract & Convert The Unaware

    Win business from those who need you, don't know it and aren't even looking for you.
  • How To Build A Scalable Marketing Machine

    Dial up or down to regulate the inflow of new leads.
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