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Common traits of our most successful clients

Common traits of our most successful clients

By Jim Thompson

In the beginning, accumulating 1,000’s of followers is something we didn’t consciously set out to do (not that I recall anyway). But along the way we have created our own tribe of some sorts, of both engaged followers and many clients (p.s. we still have room for more). That’s why I thought it might be worthwhile to stop and think to try and determine if there was a common thread between our suite of most successful clients.

Here’s what I identified as some common traits of our most successful clients:

A dominant entrepreneurial partner

The level of dominance varies but there is no doubt that a driven leader outperforms a committee approach. Decisions can be made more quickly and the firm has the agility to focus around a particular position without internal politics getting in the way.

A marketer that is well respected internally and not afraid to bring in external expertise

Not every firm has an internal marketer but many that do, have one that is a roadblock to the introduction of external expertise, doesn’t have the internal clout or has unrealistic expectations placed on them in terms of the breadth of expertise.

A willingness to devote time to thinking

It may surprise you but many professionals we meet find it difficult to spend time on thinking and developing ideas. The need to do something deemed more “productive” or billable stifles the ability of the firm to execute something different. The old “I’m too busy” adage.

A willingness to write

Related to the willingness to think – the best thing about writing is that it forces you to think – maybe that’s why so many avoid it or put it off.

A desire to be different

There’s safety in doing what everyone else is doing but if you want to stand out from the crowd then you have to be different and I don’t mean cosmetics. A perceived downside of being different is that you won’t appeal to everyone but that’s the upside – those you do appeal to will value you more.

Confidence and belief in their own abilities

If you’re going to put yourself out there as an expert you have to have confidence in your abilities and not be afraid to tell prospects and clients what they need to hear not what they want to hear.

Not scared to narrow their focus

The key to market penetration without a massive chequebook is going narrow. If you’re in generalist world then you can only talk in generalisations and if everyone is your customer then everyone is your competitor.

Under 50 or think under 50

35 to 45 seems to be the sweet spot but age is only relevant if you let it be.

Think about the future, not the present

A lot of what we do is about setting the firm up for the long term, building a fence and footprint that will deliver long-term results and benefits tangible and intangible. If it was quick and easy then anyone could do it.

Think more about their client’s outcomes than themselves

My experience is that those who embark on the One Rabbit journey genuinely care about real client outcomes – in fact making a positive difference in their client’s lives. You can feel it when they talk to you about what they do. I hate using the word passion but there’s something palpable there.

Not necessarily technical but not scared of it either

You don’t have to know how to use the tools or how they work – let someone else worry about that but burying your head in the sand isn’t going to help you either.

Don’t take themselves too seriously

Not sure it matters but it certainly makes them more enjoyable to work with.

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