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Why the No Bullshit Approach? – Chapter 1 – The No BS Series

Why the No Bullshit Approach? – Chapter 1 – The No BS Series

By Jim Thompson

Welcome to the first of nine chapters in the No BS Series. This series of chapters is designed to be read following download of the No BS Guide to Digital Lead Generation and outline in more detail how you can make this work for your firm.

Please note that all comments are made in the context of business to business transactions for professional services firms that sell expertise.

So why no bullsh#t?

Well to be frank in the world of “digital marketing” there is a whole lot of bullsh#t being peddled by all sorts of self-proclaimed gurus, experts and (insert puke) “digital strategists”.

Call it an industry gripe if you like because it is;

Many of them are selling you “engagement” – I don’t know about you but yes, engagement is nice and good for the ego but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Many marketers, branding people and the like try to apply consumer based emotive marketing messages and cues to business to business marketing where it has limited if any effect.

Another problem with the brand approach is that people don’t engage with brands when they are buying expertise, they engage with people.

Many are young and relatively inexperienced in the B2B environment and just because you understand a platform and how it works doesn’t make you in any way an expert in selling or marketing professional services.

And just because a platform exists doesn’t mean you have to use it and in many cases when you do you are just adding to the noise.

It’s also staggering how many agencies don’t actually do what they are telling you to do, the very same digital marketing activities that they are telling you that you need to do to survive and stay relevant they aren’t doing.

Have a look at who you are or have worked with – ask them to show you what they do and how successful it is in delivering them new business. Ask them to prove it with data that connects the dots.

So here the bullsh#t stops, anyone can learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. my kids and my 80 something parents can but very few know how to use the digital environment to generate real and targeted, high quality, high value B2B business leads.

Remember if something is easy then anyone can do it and it very quickly becomes ineffectual. The day it becomes easy is the day your advantage is lost.

Key takeaways from this chapter

1. In this business don’t work with someone who doesn’t eat their own dog food.

2. If you have to ask potential suitors to tender or pitch for your work, then that means one of 2 things –

A) You haven’t don’t enough research


B) The firms you are looking at haven’t been able to articulate their position well enough for you to be able to hire them without a pitch and therefore won’t do any better with yours.

     3. If you are trying to be everything to everyone then your marketing is destined to be largely ineffective and expensive and the better sales person you need to be.

In the next chapter we discuss the lack of take up of digital lead generation by Professional Services firms and why…

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