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An insight that will knock you off your feet!  – Chapter 3 – The No BS Series

An insight that will knock you off your feet! – Chapter 3 – The No BS Series

By Jim Thompson

Welcome to chapter 3 of the No BS Series, in the last chapter we discussed the state of play in terms of professional services marketing and now do the big reveal … hold on to your hats!

So far in this series we have established that digital has been a somewhat dark art perpetuated by a groundswell of self-proclaimed gurus who promise a lot but deliver little and that no one in the PS space is doing much or doing things all that well despite the best intentions.

What most are doing is what we term “hygiene marketing” maintaining the acceptable hygiene level or at best making minor incremental improvements that have an indeterminable impact. Hygiene won’t win you clients but it may stop you from losing some which it is more often than not a begrudge spend ( ironically not unlike compliance work done by lawyers and accountants).

Sobering I know but let’s take a step back and have a look why the digital experience has been for most of us somewhat underwhelming in terms of new business delivery.

Ok here it comes make sure you’re sitting down – drum roll please – THE WORLD HAS CHANGED!!!

Right, pick yourself up off the floor and dust yourself off.

Of course, we all know that, we understand that our lives have been forever changed by the internet and the all the associated technology hanging off it. But and it’s a big BUT –  in terms of our marketing we haven’t changed with it – most of us just treat digital as just another channel to pump through the same old crap we always did.

Someone somewhere once said to me “give marketers a new digital channel and they will fu%#^ck it up for everyone within 12 months”.

A case in point is Adwords – most people I talk to in a B2B professional services context (and I’ve asked hundreds) have been underwhelmed by their Adwords experience.

Hopefully, you’re all too old to remember the paper-based yellow pages.

We all spent too much on our ad and the ones who took the biggest ad, i.e. spent the most money, were the ones who got the most phone calls.

Well now we treat Adwords exactly the same way – it’s by nature a bidding system so the ones with the deepest pockets – those who are prepared to pay the most for a click wins the game.

Nothing to do with who is the smartest or the best and for me that’s got hair on it.

Another example is Twitter – most firms have a branded Twitter channel – for a start I would never follow a firm’s brand on Twitter because I don’t follow brands but even putting that aside because it’s just one channel in which you are trying to talk to everybody then 90% of what you pump through it is going to be irrelevant to me.

Again old world thinking on a digital platform.


Key takeaways from this chapter

  •  Maintaining the hygiene level won’t win you new clients
  •  Don’t treat digital as just another channel to make the same old noises
  •  If you want to win the Adwords game take a second mortgage

In the next chapter we introduce you to a monster called DEB – the Digitally Empowered Buyer…

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