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The 3 keys to success – Chapter 5 – The No BS Series

The 3 keys to success – Chapter 5 – The No BS Series

By Jim Thompson

Welcome to chapter 5 of the No BS Series, in the last chapter we introduced you to DEB now we introduce the 3 keys to successful lead generating digital marketing.

If you downloaded and read the NO BS guide you would already be familiar with the 3 keys to successful modern marketing but let’s have a look at them in more detail.

  1.  It works best when it’s highly targeted.

Not exactly rocket science but it’s no use trying to talk to everyone, why?

  •  It’s too expensive and there’s too much wastage
  •  It means you have to water down your message to be relevant to everyone
  •  There is so much noise out there already it’s incredibly difficult to cut through it all and be heard.

Last time I looked there was 4.77 billion indexed web pages out there and that’s not even counting email and other digital channels like LinkedIn and Facebook.

We are all drowning in it and as a DEB we don’t have time for it and are being forced to be more and more selective. We are only interested in what we are interested in and we all have the ability, within reason, to switch on and off what we want.

So many of us don’t browse the newspaper anymore or watch TV commercials because we don’t have to, we can pick and choose.

Putting aside the noise issue, think about it from this perspective, if you take out an Ad in the newspaper the price is based on the size of its audience, most of which aren’t interested in your message – your wastage is equal to the proportion of this number but you’re still paying for it.

  1.  Modern marketing is a journey of attracting, educating and nurturing.

Trust me education is your most powerful marketing tool, in fact, it’s probably the only marketing you have left – remember DEB, that’s what she wants right, she wants to educate herself.

Yes, if you give her what she wants she will listen to you.

Some people start to feel uncomfortable when we ask them this question but what are we doing now – are we educating you or are we marketing to you?

Well let me tell you we are not a school but the point is there is very little difference anymore and who cares if we are both getting what we want – it’s then a win / win.

And who would you trust more a teacher or a salesperson – how else can you demonstrate your expertise, articulate your position and instil trust before meeting and working with someone.

  1.  Focus on the Unaware not the Ready to Buy.

Most of us have and still do focus our marketing effort on those that are ready to buy – think Adwords again – who is going to search for example “Accountants Melbourne” – putting aside job seekers etc. only those looking for a new accountant right? Those who are close to or are ready to buy.

Now that’s fine but it’s a very small and highly competitive market. What about everyone else, the other 99% that aren’t looking or aren’t ready to buy. Someone like me, who like most, isn’t even looking let alone thinking about it.

One of the great things about digital is that it provides you with the opportunity to get in front of someone like me in a very cost effective manner, grab my attention and start talking, or should I say educating me on something I’m interested in – which in this example is not accounting per say.

And if you get my email address and you stay relevant and on point, you will probably get my permission to market to (educate) me for the rest of my working life.

Key takeaways from this chapter

  •  The vast majority of us aren’t ready to buy
  •  Without Keys 1 and 2 you basically have no chance of ever getting beyond the “ready to buy” market
  •  Most of your prospective clients are already working with an incumbent who is doing their best to keep your hands off them

In the next chapter we dig deeper into the concept of marketing to the unaware…

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