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We (and others) Bang on about “positioning” but what does it really mean?

We (and others) Bang on about “positioning” but what does it really mean?

By Jonathan Roberts

1. a place where someone or something is located or has been put.
2. a particular way in which someone or something is placed or arranged

Where is your firm “positioned” and do you believe in it?

I was watching Simon Sinek’s TED talk on “How great leaders inspire action” for the 5th or 6th time and this comment struck me again “People don’t buy what you dothey buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe

We didn’t start with why (perhaps as much as Simon would instruct us to) 4 years ago when we decided to take our firm down a different path. But we did believe that we provided far better advice than our competitors, there was lots of misinformation about digital marketing and firms were getting very few results from it.

That belief has only grown and become stronger as we move further away from our old position and evolved into the new one.

However…… We are currently having an internal discussion regarding a minor(?) tweak to our positioning. We have been promoting our digital marketing and lead generation for professional service firms position for the last 2 years.

A quick review of our last 5 new clients (in the last 3 months of 2015) is that they all see One Rabbit as their marketing partner. Yes we focus on the digital channel for obvious reasons but we are also providing branding advice and implementation, corporate video design and production and even traditional marketing collateral.

So is our position broader than what we imagined 4 years ago when we started this journey? Absolutely. So whilst we’ve always partnered with firms to undertake a myriad of marketing activities we are now repositioning ourselves to better reflect our true position.

So, enough about us, can you define your position and do you believe it? Do you get passionate when speaking to a potential new client about how you can solve their problem? Will that position provide you the clients that you really want? Will they value your advice? Will they trust you to provide “strategic council” and not just advice.

If you answered yes to all/most if these, you have a great position…. but does the market clearly understand your position. If you answered no you have some work to do and I have a book (The Consultant with Pink Hair by Cal Harrison) I’d gladly loan you. It started our repositioning journey 4 years ago.

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