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Is the creative agency your working with the right fit for your firm?

Is the creative agency your working with the right fit for your firm?

By Fred Thompson

As we all know, design, in the majority of cases comes down to personal opinion.

If you accept that premise then how do you really know if the creative team you are working are the best fit for you?

There’s probably a number of reasons why you chose to work with them in the first place. Perhaps they were referred to you, perhaps you got them in to pitch and they gave you the best presentation.

Maybe they are cheaper than some others or you like their style of work or perhaps they will work to the style that you like.

Or it could have been based on other attributes like their service, quality of work, passion, awards they may have won.

Lets be honest, there’s nothing too compelling in that lot is there?

So what should you look for, what attributes constitute a good creative agency fit for a professional services firm?

Here are TEN you should be looking out for.

Agencies that;

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If any of the above sound all too familair and are NOT being met by your creative agency, then you should start thinking about whether they are the right fit for your firm.

Based on my 25 year’s experience in this space, and working solely with professional services firms over the years, I’ve found that the majority of creative agencies are letting down their clients.

If you were working with a digital agency (one who does the offline and online creative for professional services firms) then all of these attributes would be being met.

Our folio

If you would like to view some of our work, do so below. We don’t encourage showing our folio because subjective decision making goes against our philosophy. We would rather be judged on the results we achieve and the thinking behind our work. However, if you really want a look, here is a sample of the pointy end of some of our work. We think it looks great but it’s what’s underneath that really matters.

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