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Your websites ability to attract new business bears no relation to how much you spend on it

I hope you haven’t already learnt this the hard way.

Yes there is a minimum amount you need to spend to get a quality website in terms of design, functionality and security but its ability to attract new business has no correlation to how much you pay for it.

Unfortunately the number one outcome from a new website for many professional service firms is that the firm and its owners feel proud and better about themselves.

carNothing wrong with feeling proud or better about yourself but a nice new car will give you that and it’s a lot more fun!

Problem is the money your spending that you don’t have to is probably being spent on what the thing looks like while lining the pockets of some overzealous “brand experts” and graphic designers who rely on emotional subjective queues with not much more than fluff in their tool-kits

If the site is all about yourself and full of curated brand messages it will typically end up a battlefield of compromise and poorly differentiated when you scratch the nice shiny surface.

Money can’t buy you happiness (although it helps) and likewise it can’t buy you different lionsm– Yes you can buy “looking different” which is why you end up with things like pictures of animals on your home page.

Seriously do you really expect me to be impressed by a picture of a lion, would you be if I stuck one on my home page?

To be honest as a buyer of expertise I’m probably more interested in your LinkedIn profile than your brand and what your firm has to say about itself.

Spend as much as you want trying to look different but the only way to be different is to actually be different.

The ability for your site to attract and convert new business is influenced by the following factors;

  • How clever you really are
  • How well you understand your target audience
  • How well you are positioned to meet their needs and solve their problems
  • Your ability to find and capture your audience
  • How well you can demonstrate your expertise without just saying it
  • The quality and depth of the content you are prepared to give away
  • The quality and depth of your lead nurturing program

These are the things that you should be investing in as this is what wins new clients in a digital age and allows you to buy a nice new car more often.


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