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Remember the good old days when life wasn’t digital?

Remember the good old days when life wasn’t digital?

By Fred Thompson

Remember Kodak?

Remember Polaroid?

Remember Borders?

Remember Blockbuster?

Remember Barnes and Noble?

I’m sure you do remember these well known brands as they were hugely successful before the world became digital. These are just a handful of hundreds of retailers who chose to ignore the online wave, hoping that it would just go away.

Kodak, who created the term ‘Kodak moment’ a phrase used when taking a picture of someone at a particular ‘moment’ that will never be forgotten. That was a memorable campaign and had great results, however Kodak were future phobic and also dismissive of the changes around them, refusing to question the world they lived in and failing to make the digital transformation required for survival. They filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Not a great moment.

Sure these are all retail companies, however professional service firms are not immune, they are just next in line. There are less apparent examples than the retail giant failures such as the Kodak’s of the world, but there is little doubt that those firms who also choose to ignore digital, remaining in the status quo and deciding not to reposition themselves will also eventually fail.

Those who chose not to make the transformation will always be perceived as generalists and eventually commodities.

On the other hand, those that adapt quickly and make informed decisions on the right digital transformations will ride the wave of success by creating positive differentiation.

It’s not just about creating a website or ‘doing social media’.

Making the digital transformation is not just about creating a website or social media page, and seeing what happens. It’s about positioning and future proofing for the digital age that will:

  • Educate & up-skill your firm, partners and marketing teams
  • Help you make the cultural shift required to succeed
  • Develop a suite of quality digital assets and content
  • Implement a digital business generation & new client acquisition strategy
  • Differentiate and position your firm away from your competitors
  • Expose your expertise and take you on the journey towards value based pricing
  • Provide you with the appropriate tools and processes to execute
  • Reduce your reliance on referrals, word of mouth and networking
  • Regain your power in the buying cycle.

So whether you like it or not, the digital wave has taken over. You can either choose to ignore it like the Kodak’s of the world and be remembered only for failure, or embrace the change, transform to the digital age and seize the ‘moment’.

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