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I don’t know how many visits my website gets and why I don’t care… yawn

I don’t know how many visits my website gets and why I don’t care… yawn

By Jim Thompson

Yes I own a digital marketing agency and I couldn’t tell you how many website visits I get a month or a year – you might think that’s crazy but the truth is I don’t care.

Well that’s not entirely true, if it was zero I’d be worried but if it was just 1 or 2 visits a week and those visitors converted into clients, putting my ego aside, I’d be more than happy.

Like I tell all my clients – visits, awareness and engagement might make us both feel good but they don’t put food on our tables.

Before sitting down to write this post I thought I better have a look and see how many visits it does get and the results were 17,563 visits in the past 6 months, which equates to 2927.17 per month and 95.45 per day.

Is that good or bad – don’t know, don’t care its irrelevant all I care about is how many visitors took the action I wanted them to take when they did visit.

analyticsI can also tell you that 75% of the above traffic was new visitors, 25% repeat, the bounce rate was 26.58%, average page views 2.90 and time spent on site 1.37 minutes.

I’m happy with that particularly the low bounce rate as it tells me most people are having a look around which probably means we captured their interest and once again I feel good but it doesn’t pay my bills.

See, what nearly everybody does when they build a new website is to NOT clearly define what they want it to do and what action they want visitors to take when they do visit.

They build the new site which is has most likely been compromised by internal politics, egos, subjective opinions and graphic designers and then stick Google Analytics on at the end and start measuring stuff.

shinyobjectsmTypically they are measuring for the sake of measuring and / or the management team wants a monthly website traffic report to see how many people are looking at their new shiny object.

Here’s the stupid bit – if you never defined what action you wanted visitors to take in the first place then there is nothing to measure and therefore doing so is a waste of everyone’s time and is why you get asked unanswerable, meaningless questions like “why was our website traffic down this month?“.

So what do I measure and what do I care about?

I care about how many people download our No BS Guide to Digital Lead Generation where they came from and how much it cost me to get them there.

I also care about where they are and how engaged those followers are in our content based lead nurturing program that is designed to lead them to attending an event or a face to face meeting where we can convert them into clients.

Google Analytics provides some of that data but the rest is managed by the other tools we use in the process because the website is just one piece of the puzzle with its primary role being a stage for our content.

What are you measuring and why?

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