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Video. Is It Part Of Your Content Marketing Mix?

By Mel Stewart



Last week in a client meeting with one of our directors, a client declared “For six months I have been trying to work out exactly what One Rabbit actually does.  It took me two minutes of watching your video – and now I really get it.”

What an eye-opener.  Video marketing strategies not only work, but in an information overloaded marketplace they grab the audience’s attention and get your message across.

Videos themselves are diverse as a marketing tool. They can be embedded on websites, shared through email campaigns; they positively affect SEO and are a preferred content type on the social network powerhouse Facebook.  In fact Facebook has invested significantly in supporting video content, with guarantees of higher organic reach, auto-play feature in the newsfeed and enhanced analytics.

Video is the natural evolution in digital marketing. Eight years ago, we were using a lot of text based communication on our digital platforms. Five years ago we moved our focus to imagery that grabbed people’s attention – and now video marketing is set to boom.

So how can you make sure video content is successfully part of your marketing mix?

  1. Make sure your video has an objective. Who is it speaking to? What are you trying to say? How will it be distributed? Make sure you answer these questions before creating your video.
  2. Ensure your video is both useful and creative for consumers. You won’t capitalise on the power of video engagement if your video doesn’t tick these boxes.
  3. Keep videos short. Videos are valuable for their power in making a lot of information more consumable than text. Don’t lose sight of that.
  4. Don’t be all salesy-salesy in your video. Audiences consume video content because it’s a balance of usefulness and entertainment. Traditional advertising is boring. Mundane. Borderline useless. It’s not for video marketing. Communicate a concept or a message in your video and finish with a call to action.  No more.  No less.
  5. Have a distribution strategy for your video. Most viral videos actually go viral because there is a marketing strategy behind them. Videos are still competing in a noisy marketplace so you have to make sure they are getting under the nose of your target audience.

Bottom line is this – in 2015 (and beyond) you need to start converting text based information into rich video content. This is how audiences now consume information and if you fail to do this you will be left behind.

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