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Attention all Engineering firms … only 1% of you have got your online sh#t together – a desktop review

Attention all Engineering firms … only 1% of you have got your online sh#t together – a desktop review

By Fred Thompson

Ugly but unfortunately true, only one percent of Australian engineering firms have a strong position and effective online presence.

Here are my findings from a random desktop review of 100 Australian engineering companies’ websites.

In my professional opinion I found that 44% of your corporate identities were creatively acceptable but only 16% of those were of a high standard.

Interestingly 50% of you are branded blue in color, so not a lot of differentiation there but not surprising.


What I was pleasantly surprised by was the amount of real photography used on your sites, in fact it was as high as 64%.

Sadly though 34% of the original photography was not of professional quality seemingly either taken internally or on the cheap.

36% are using stock images of external people which can be OK as long as they are chosen with a clear understanding of your target market’s persona.

But why use stock photography to represent people that work in your firm?

Who are you trying to fool?


The above issues are of concern but there is a bigger issue.

The Big Issue…

99% of you don’t have an externally visible strong differentiated market position.


Have a look at these three statements I very quickly found that are typical of the engineering industry and what your prospects are hearing.

“We are a multi-disciplinary engineering firm offering comprehensive design solutions. Our commitment is for excellence in design, attention to detail and value for money. Customer satisfaction is a priority and we will work with your business to ensure project delivery is on time and on budget”.

“We are a Structural, Civil Engineering design-consulting firm. We focus on providing clients with consistent and outstanding service, producing buildable design solutions for projects, and delivering by our promised timeframes”.

“We are an innovative, efficient and solution driven multi-discipline building services consulting engineering firm. We pride ourselves on our engineering excellence in delivering sustainable, innovative and functional design solutions for our clients”.

The same old non-differentiators such as excellent customer service, innovation, efficiency, solutions, delivering on time and within budget … rah rah rah. Please tell me something I wouldn’t expect from any decent engineering firm.

So for those of you who have spent significant dollars with a creative agency on a new brand and website, well done but what have you really achieved beyond reaching the hygiene level?

Would your marketing dollar have been better spent on a targeted positioning strategy, designed to clearly differentiate you from your competitors and deliver you a stream of targeted quality new business leads instead of a digitized yellow pages ad with no conversion strategy?

Don’t despair here is the great news – 99% of firms are asleep at the wheel. What a great opportunity for those that aren’t!

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