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Are you sitting on the same digital time-bomb the retail sector sat on?

Are you sitting on the same digital time-bomb the retail sector sat on?

By Jim Thompson

We often hear from prospective clients that they know they need to get serious about digital marketing and lead generation but “the timing is not right” or words to that effect.

The truth is however that the timing will never be right because finding the time is never a resourcing issue, it’s a priority issue.

There is always time just as there is always money but both are a question of where you want to spend them.

Your greatest risk in the current and rapidly emerging environment is to choose to do nothing because to get things internally ingrained and humming along is at best a 1 year and more likely a 2 year time-frame despite what would-be suitors tell you.

That puts you somewhere between zero and two years at best behind your competitors that have already started the journey.

That’s a daunting prospect but perhaps fortunately for you from the outside looking in many of them are learning the hard way how to NOT go about it.

So when is the time right?

NOW before you’re forced to act because you’re starting to go backwards which is sadly when many people pick up the phone to call us.

What are your marketing priorities?

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