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Digital marketing is your ultimate reality check – can you handle the truth?

Digital marketing is your ultimate reality check – can you handle the truth?

By Jim Thompson

Be prepared – the truth can hurt.

One of the great things about digital marketing is that allows you to quite easily put your brand and offering right under the noses of the people you want as clients and the ability to measure their level of interest.

When the initial level of interest is low and for most of you it will be, the first reaction from everyone is something like “it isn’t working” or “digital is a waste of time effort and money lets go back the old way”.

The real and ugly truth however is that the people whose noses you have put your brand and / or offering under aren’t actually interested enough to take any action.

In other words, what you’re offering isn’t compelling enough for them to even take a look, that’s right they don’t, or at least think they don’t, want or need whatever you are peddling.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow and can damage the ego but look it at this way – at least you have real proof and the opportunity to fix it.

You can hang your website out there, run an ad, put up some signage under the assumption people like it and are taking notice but never get this real time market intelligence.

I suspect that’s why most of us lean towards the unmeasurable – we don’t get any bad news and our professional egos remain intact.

OK you’ve spent some money to find this out but look at what this feedback will save you on future ineffectual messaging that you were previously blind to.

Whatever you do, don’t shoot the digital messenger!

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