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I don’t need a GP, I’ve got Doctor Google!

I don’t need a GP, I’ve got Doctor Google!

By Jim Thompson

When did you last visit your GP without already having self diagnosed what was wrong with you via good old Doctor Google?

Think about it, I realise now that rather than just describing symptoms so my doctor can do a diagnosis I tend to tell him what I think I already have.

It must drive doctors crazy but I guess now that’s just the way it is and I’ll always do it because I can.

Perhaps in reality I’m no smarter than I used to be, but hey I have nearly all the worlds current knowledge at my finger tips.

Also when was the last time you spent more than a few hundred dollars on something without researching it online first?

Yes if you’re like me, then you too are a DEB – a Digitally Empowered Buyer.

We are different aren’t we?

  • We are more educated
  • We do our own research and form our own opinions
  • We don’t need to pay people to tell us what we can find on Google ourselves for free
  • We don’t get sucked in by bland brand messaging
  • We don’t buy on emotion; we’re too smart for that
  • We are bombarded by information and have become very selective on what we want to see and hear
  • We don’t want to be annoyed, we don’t have the time
  • We will find who and what we want when we are ready
  • We don’t want to be sold too, we know how the old sales pitch works
  • We will buy when we are good and ready
  • We have the power in the buying cycle

So DEB, tell me why are you still using all the same old sales and marketing tactics that wouldn’t work on you?


So if you accept that your customer has changed then how can you expect to succeed without changing with them?

How you attract, engage, identify, nurture, convert and deal with the Digitally Empowered Buyer is the fundamental underlying premise of digital marketing.

This is what matters before you even worry about what your website looks like, where you rank on Google or whether or not you are on social media.

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