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62% of firms are planning to increase their referrals in 2015 – Are you rowing a boat to the moon?

62% of firms are planning to increase their referrals in 2015 – Are you rowing a boat to the moon?

By Jim Thompson

Yes that’s right 62% of firms are planning to increase their referrals in 2015.

Problem is not everyone can do so because there are only a finite number of them out there so for you to win unfortunately someone else has to lose right?

So what are you going to do differently to everyone else so you’re not the loser? – I hope it’s not spend more.

Yes you should and can do what every two bob “digital strategist” says you should do but because everyone says it and it’s easy to do then everyone else is doing that too.

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Build a strong personal brand
  • Blog
  • Yah dah yah dah yah dah

Essential but light weight stuff indeed.

And guess what

  • 58% of firms intend to increase the visibility of their brand
  • 55% intend to upgrade their website
  • 55% are increasing the visibility of their experts
  • 53% are going to make existing clients more aware of their services

That means that most firms are running the same race as everyone else but just trying to run it faster instead of creating a race where they’re the only runner or one of just a few.

So what’s the answer?

The answer is “going narrow” finding a specific target audience with a problem, targeting that problem and making yourself as attractive as possible in being able to solve it.

No it’s not rocket science but the premise of needing a rocket to get to the moon isn’t either, anyone could have figured that out. The real smarts and hard work lies in the science of building the rocket and getting it there and back.

That’s where the space race was won.

So your race lies in the science of finding a target audience (referrer or end client), hitting them, capturing their interest, nurturing them and overtime converting them to new business opportunities.

There is no science in the subjective fluff and bubble of branding and shotgun marketing, anyone can do that.

The digital age is your space age; are you building a boat or a rocket?

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