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I really don’t care what you think about your creative and neither should you.

I really don’t care what you think about your creative and neither should you.

By Fred Thompson

Please take a few moments to take the test below.

If you were in the market for a new house and these three houses were of equal value and in your price range, which style home would you pick?


If you were in the market for a new car and these three cars were of equal value and in your price range, which one would you choose?


If you had to choose between these three paintings to hang in your house which one would it be?


If you want to know which ones I’d choose, it would be the modern house in the middle, the BMW and the abstract painting on the left, but who really cares? I’m sure you don’t care what I think and I don’t care what you prefer either.

So why am I asking you to choose?

My point here is we all have different tastes and opinions, none of us are right or wrong it’s just simply what we prefer and of course that’s fine. We can choose to live in any style house we like, drive any car we want and hang any piece of artwork that takes our fancy and who cares what anybody else really thinks, after all you are not trying to sell the house, the car or the painting, they are just for you and your personal pleasure.

Now let me ask you this. Below are three landing pages that we created for ourselves. Which one do you prefer? Go on choose one.




Once again you probably don’t care which design I prefer and yet again I don’t care what you chose either.

But here’s the thing, we tested all three and the one in the middle had a staggering 41% conversion rate compared the others around 10% or less. Interesting isn’t it. Even if you happened to choose the middle one, it was only a guess and your personal preference. You would have never have known which one would have performed better and neither would we unless we tested them all, and we’ve been in this game for over 20 years.

So don’t treat your creative or choose your creative agency based on personal choice, it’s not about that. Your creative is for someone else, your target audience infact, and if you let your subjective decision making get in the way then you will never truly know if it’s going to work.

Any agency can make you look good but your creative needs to be tested and if your agency doesn’t test, then find one that does.

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