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Are you just playing the numbers game with your approach to marketing?

Are you just playing the numbers game with your approach to marketing?

By Jim Thompson

Think about it – how do  you get yourself in front of prospects and attract them?

The traditional approach involves all or some of the following;

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Sponsorship
  • Brochures and signage
  • Yellow Pages
  • Sales people & networking
  • A website
  • SEO and Google Adwords

And let’s not even go there with cold calling…

The more money you spend on these activities (hopefully) the better results you will achieve right, just one big numbers game at the end of the day?

But shouldn’t the game be won by the best firm, the smartest firm, the firm that is best positioned to solve the client’s problems and not the one with the deepest pockets?

If you are as good and as smart as you believe you are then prove it, that’s what your client wants, proof before they start paying you and they sure as hell don’t want to be funding your marketing activities that are designed to attract the next client.

You have an alternative that is not a factor of how much you spend but the depth of your expertise and your fit to the client.

An alternative where the currency of success is not money but your time and knowledge, but aren’t these the same things if time is money, after all what’s the difference between sacrificing billable hours to spend time on marketing and spending what you have billed on marketing? 

This is the fundamental difference between digital marketing and old world marketing. This is content marketing, this is lead nurturing, this is positioning, this is about who actually is the best.

The ones who get this will be the stars of the future and the others will keep throwing money at the numbers game.

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