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10 quick reasons why SEO has hair on it

10 quick reasons why SEO has hair on it

By Jim Thompson

Optimising your website for search engines is a given but spending money on an ongoing basis with an SEO “Practitioner” when you’re a professional services firm in the business of selling knowledge and expertise to other businesses has hair on it.

Here’s 10 good reasons why…

  1. Google is continually trying to nullify “manufactured” SEO rankings – who do you think is going to win, you or them?
  2. It’s a game that is ultimately won not by the smartest but by who wants to spend the most money
  3. The industry is full of charlatans happy to take your money in return for doing very little behind the scenes
  4. It’s only aimed at those ready to buy, what about the 99% of potential customers who aren’t?
  5. It leaves you at the whim of subjective decision making as opposed to demonstrable expertise
  6. Its focus is on keywords not actual useful content
  7. Who and what you really are and want to say is often bastardised in an effort to be keyword and search engine friendly
  8. It attracts a lot of wasted low quality leads and tyre kickers
  9. Google is a whole lot smarter than you and your SEO provider
  10. It’s the new Yellow Pages

There are far better and more effective ways to spend your money if you want to generate new business that will deliver you great Google rankings anyway.

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