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Forget other website metrics; you’re either generating leads, or you’re not

I’ve always been interested in data. More specifically, using data to uncover an underlying story. Not to tell a story, that’s completely different. Data can be manipulated into any story you want to tell.

How website analytics can be misunderstood

For example: Let’s assume you launch a new website and in the process find you’re reinvigorated to check in on Google Analytics more frequently. After all, you want to know if the new website is working for you.

Typically, you may take an interest in metrics like Page Views and Bounce Rate. Numbers you think are worthwhile watching. They’re really not, here’s why;

  • An increase in Page Views COULD mean people are engaged in your content and want to read more OR the increase could mean people are struggling to find answers to their questions.
  • A decrease in Bounce Rate COULD mean people are engaged in your content and want to read more OR the decrease could mean people are struggling to find answers to their questions.

The problem is Page Views, Bounce Rate, Visitors, Keywords and so on, are all secondary metrics which can easily be misunderstood and misrepresented. Dogmatic obsession with these numbers is ignorant and misformed.

If you only focus on one metric, make it Conversions

Conversions are the one website metric that encapsulate every other activity of the business or organisation.

A conversion is the process of moving a visitor to engage with you at a deeper level – taking a step closer to purchase your product or service, e.g. subscribe to something, or contact you.

Your brand, position, messaging, website, content, design, copywriting, advertising, social media… all roads (should) lead to conversions.

If your website isn’t optimised for Conversions, you’re pumping the accelerator when your car has flat tyres

Buying Google Adwords or engaging an SEO consultant to get your website in front of more people is a fruitless exercise if you’re website isn’t set up to deliver new leads.

You’ll solely rely on traffic volume in a ‘numbers game’ of sorts, and in doing so you’ll never be able to stop the spending.

So save your time, money and energy and focus on this one metric that can’t be manipulated or misunderstood.

You’re either generating leads, or you’re not. And if you’re online presence isn’t generating leads, what is it existing to do?

The good news is, the larger the audience the greater the gains through improving your conversion funnels.


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