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Same Same But Different… a message from Bali to all Professional Service Firms

Same Same But Different… a message from Bali to all Professional Service Firms

By Jonathan Roberts

“Come look in my shop… PLEASE”

“Special Morning price”

“Like a massage please sir”

“One more price for good luck”

These are some of the sayings you’ll hear 100’s of times a day in Bali, but it’s this one that grabbed me…

“Same Same but Different”

The saying resonated with me as it’s also the state of many professional service firms’ websites around Australia.

I’ve only been to Bali twice, both in the last 12 months and I love it. It’s incredibly beautiful, cheap but best of all friendly.

If you’ve been there you’ve probably heard the statements above, possibly hundreds of times a day as you walked through Seminyak, Ubud or Sanur.

Local stall holders keen to sell you a Bin-Tang T-Shirt, a pair of Nike rip-offs or perhaps a local carving. But the stalls are lined up, for 100’s of metres, one after the other all selling what seems like the same items (or crap dependent upon your viewpoint)

So how did I or you, select one or many of these shops to purchase the prized stubby holder? It will vary widely for everyone reading this article and it varied for me whilst there.

I would sometimes go into a shop that had an interesting display out front (subjective creativity), an item I particularly wanted (perceived speciality), I was recommended by a friend (referral) or the owner didn’t harass me (rapport).

One stall holder actually talked with me every day I was there asking me what I was doing that day and making great suggestions about activities I could undertake (nurturing).

So, as I spend most of my waking hours thinking about how professional service firms can generate more leads, it led me to think about the following.

Look online and compare half a dozen accounting or law firms. They’ll all have these similar menu items: About Us, What We Do, Resources, News, Contact Us and of course Our Team.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client and think about how you would decide which firm to have an initial discussion with…

  1. The “look & feel” (I hate that term) of their website
  2. They seem to be specialists in everything
  3. They are big, or small
  4. They have a nice looking office
  5. They are in the CBD

Not very compelling reasons or differentiators for your firm are they? Your firm does great work, has expert team members and has a positive effect on many/most/all of your clients.

If you can find a way of communicating the expertise of your firm in an ongoing, engaging and perhaps sometimes even amusing way I know you will nurture those people closer to your firm.

Then perhaps one day they’ll become a long term, valuable client.

We’re doing just that and in the past 6 days we have gained 50 new business leads. If you’d like to achieve similar results give me a call (03 5226 9622) or shoot me an email.

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