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From Selling to Nurturing and why it’s been a personal struggle.

From Selling to Nurturing and why it’s been a personal struggle.

By Jonathan Roberts

It’s 5.22PM Tuesday February 4th and I’m sitting in the RACV Club in Bourke Street Melbourne.

I’ve just logged out of Infusionsoft* having reviewed and updated the details of the 9 people that subscribed in the last 12 hours to our “11 Steps” lead magnet. Oh and I’m drinking green tea, a single malt scotch will follow at around 6PM.

That takes the total number of subscribers/downloads to 238 in 8 weeks. I’ve met or spoken with 7 potential clients in the last week who emailed or called me asking for a meeting, gotta feel pretty good about that!

Let’s look back at 6 months ago when I was feeling anything but good.

You see, I love selling, well I thought I did. I spent much of the 80’s in St Kilda Road and the Melbourne CBD selling office products including, funnily enough, pink legal ribbon and green legal tape to many of the legal firms I’m again talking with.

What I actually love is meeting other partners and marketers from professional services firms and explaining how One Rabbit (and before that DDG) can improve their business. If they decide to become a client then I feel I have succeeded in my role here.

Six months ago I hadn’t sat and discussed One Rabbit with any more than 5 people in two months. I was struggling with the level of activity that I’m used to, networking, sometimes 3 or 4 times a week, ringing prospects trying to book an appointment, moving and shaking. None of that was going on.

We were in the middle of implementing our Lead Nurturing program, a systematic process of writing content for our blog that was of value to our target audience. We were also testing and developing our current, very successful lead magnet entitled “11 Steps to digital lead generation.” (see below)


I can clearly recall management meetings where I said “we need to do a sales campaign with a great offer.”

This was met with a stern “Stop selling Jon, we want to educate and nurture, they’ll contact us when they’re ready.” I can also recall that “an educated client/prospect is a higher value one.

That’s like telling a lawyer or accountant to throw away the time sheets (yes I can hear the cries for and against that move).

I felt that my role here had changed so much as to perhaps be redundant. So yes, this process has been a struggle, but anything worthwhile usually is.

Would I change back to the old ways of selling and not nurturing targeted quality prospects as we are now, no frigging way. First thing every morning I check how many new people, just like you, have subscribed, downloaded a report or made contact via the various digital assets we now have.

The number of prospects, from our target audience is growing daily and so is our reach, forget St Kilda Road and Melbourne CBD, I sent a proposal to a firm in Vancouver Canada just last Friday. Where will your next client come from?

If you’re keen to break down some barriers within your professional services firm and move beyond the referral mindset feel free to give me call (03 5226 9622) and I’ll shout the coffee.

*Infusionsoft is our marketing automation tool of choice, find our more here

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