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I’m not listening! – The importance of buyer persona’s

I’m not listening! – The importance of buyer persona’s

By Jim Thompson

No one reading your content – perhaps you need to do some more work on understanding who you’re talking to?

Let’s revisit the typical characteristics of the digitally empowered buyer

  • They do their own research and form their own opinion of you
  • They don’t want to be sold to
  • They look well beyond the brand messages (which are pretty much all the same anyway)
  • They will call you when they are ready to talk, not the other way round
  • They don’t want you continually telling them you are there – they will find you by their own means
  • They don’t want to be annoyed, they are just as time poor as you are
  • When they are ready to buy they will & from your perspective they may have come out of nowhere

Couple these with the fact that often your targets are not even thinking about buying or are working with an incumbent firm makes understanding your target audience and how to communicate with them even more critical.

It’s no good continually telling them how good you are or what a great job you did for someone else.

What matters is understanding what interests them, engages them, scares them, influences them, what are their barriers to buying, what are their pain points, what questions are they asking themselves, what are their problems?

Buyer personas are individual real life examples of your target buyers / decision makers / influencers that outline the answers to these questions.

A strong well developed persona provides you with a “real” person to write to and craft your content towards on multiple levels.

After all, the people reading your content are real people no different to a prospect that you would talk to face to face.

Attached is an example of one of our persona’s obviously written from a One RabbitTM perspective.

Note this is a fictional character; to all the Paul Ramsay’s out there in mid sized accounting firms (of which there are likely to be a few), I apologise in advance — any similarity is purely intended unintentional.

Read Paul’s persona and then have a look at how the content on our home page might speak to him then have a look at who your home page is talking to.

Sample Persona – Click here for download

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