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Your website is only built for 1% of your potential clients – if you need a light bulb moment….

Your website is only built for 1% of your potential clients – if you need a light bulb moment….

By Jim Thompson

Consider this.

You have a website and its a little light on valuable, engaging and up to date content. It may or may not look great and is probably fundamentally not all that different from your competitors.

It’s there to attract and capture new business that’s why there was high emphasis on the creative.

It also acts as a capability / credibility piece for those who have somehow become aware of you by other means – i.e. networking and that’s why there’s an emphasis on services and “about us” type content.

Think about it – that means that from a new business perspective it’s built for those who are already aware you exist and / or those ready to buy.

Prospects searching for a firm that provides the services you do are doing so because they are ready or near ready to buy and the ones made aware by networking etc. if not ready to buy are most likely just verifying what you told them about yourself and your firm.

Do you really believe that anyone would regularly visit your website just to see if you have posted something new to it, really?

Do you do that?

What about me?

funnelSo what about this group of prospects?

  • Those that aren’t ready to buy?
  • Those that don’t even know you exist?
  • Those that know you exist but are not engaged?
  • Those that are engaged but not considering buying?

You can add more permutations but I think you get the gist.

This group is vastly larger than the group your website is probably designed to attract and capture.

What are you doing about this group?

  • What is your awareness strategy and how do you know who is aware and if so how they found you?
  • What is your engagement strategy, and how do you know who is engaged and who is reading your content?
  • Do you know on an individual basis who is and isn’t reading what, how long they spend reading and how often they come back?
  • What are you doing about moving them through the buying cycle, from engaged to consideration to conversion and who are they?

Think about the massive opportunity you could be missing out on if you’re relying on being found by other means or Google searches only when they are ready to buy.

But I dont like purple and stock photography…

iStock_000020323015XSmallDo you really want to rely on subjective decision making criteria when it gets to that point?

If you are fundamentally telling the same story, offering the same services and values and making similar claims of expertise then what other decision making criteria will prospects have at their disposal?

And what if someone doesn’t have the same design taste as you do or doesn’t like the cheesy guy to our right?

If this sounds like you then perhaps it’s time to explore how you can best take advantage of the opportunity that lies further up the funnel.

This is why One Rabbit exists and provides the help it does.

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