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You looked great… but then I got to know you.

You looked great… but then I got to know you.

By Fred Thompson

A professional services firm should have a website and online presence that delivers targeted quality business leads.

If it doesn’t, then what is it there for? Good looks? Or do you just have one because everyone else does?

Good looks alone will not generate new leads, sure its better to look good than bad but anyone with a few dollars can dress well.

As a professional service firm you don’t actually have a tangible product to sell or something for a prospect to look at.

So what is a prospect looking for – your services? Yes they are, but from the outside you probably look pretty much the same as your competitors.

If you are lucky and they are actually at the consideration phase stage of the buying cycle then they are looking for a reason to engage with you over someone else.

They are looking to make the right decision for them, the one with the least risk. A combination of expertise and comfort that equals desirability.


It only takes a split second for an opinion to be formed about your brand, so from that perspective your online presence is your brand, therefore the message must be clear and the creative must align.

Its no point paying big dollars for high level creative hoping it will alone generate new business.

A brand with no substance is a poor brand and once you have been stamped with a poor brand it is very hard to change the markets perception. That’s why we brand cattle – so they can be identified for the rest of their lives.

Beauty is only skin deep

Everyday I see strong visual creativity for professional service firms but more often than not when I look under the hood there’s not much there that’s different to anyone else.

What a waste… likewise I see many firms that are saying all the right things, adding value and are clearly experts in their field with a conversion focus, yet constantly let themselves down by their visual identity. If it doesn’t connect and align then once again you have a poor brand.

I’m not sure why, but rarely do I see both in alignment – a continual battle between form and substance – one or the other.

But make no mistake, looking cheap creates the perception you are cheap and vice versa and that’s ok as long as that supports your position.

Here are 5 tips to real attraction.


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