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10 reasons to spend your marketing budget on traditional media and not digital

10 reasons to spend your marketing budget on traditional media and not digital

By Jim Thompson

I find it interesting to say the least why for many businesses investing in an organic online presence is a much harder, more scrutinised or reluctant decision than spending on traditional media particularly press, radio and TV advertising.

Here are 10 reasons to stick with traditional over digital.

1. Its effectiveness can’t be measured

Perfect right you can spend your marketing budget on press ads and no one can tell how many people saw it, read it, were engaged by it, passed it on or were motivated to act on it unless you ask them if and when they do. With digital you can discover the answer to all those questions – its accountable and who wants that right? I bet if Press could be measured in the same way no one would spend money on it but you can’t so you’re safe.

2. What might happen if you stop?

Yep if you stop advertising via the traditional channels all your sales may dry up or people might forget that you exist. What about the brand recognition – what will happen to that? Better keep spending just in case.

3. It’s safe

Chances are you won’t be questioned over your decisions because everyone does it and those before you have probably always done it (and don’t forget it can’t be measured) so it won’t be your fault if it’s not working.

4. You can blame someone else

If somehow you discover it’s not working then you can blame the medium – i.e. the publication, the page it was placed on, whoever designed the ad – it wasn’t creative or clever enough.

5. Digital is too hard

Yes there is a lot of work to do to develop a great online presence – you have to write or get others to write great and relevant content. You can’t just set and forget you have to keep working at it – what are you going to write about anyway?

6. You will have to learn new skills

I empathise there is so much to learn with digital, how can you keep up with it all; Google Analytics, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, CRM, CMS, MA and the list goes on.

7. You can control the message

That’s right with traditional media it’s all one way – you control the message – you work out what you want to say and you say it. No one can comment, share, question or review it in a public domain. You can hide behind your brand.

8. You don’t have to sell the virtues or try and explain traditional media to those above you

Yep easy they already get it – your superiors who are probably older than you already understand and get traditional media. No education, less justification and far less banging your head against a brick wall.

9. You don’t need a high level of expertise or help

Great design firms are a dime a dozen and so are advertising agencies – they can look after it all for you. What is and how do you find a true digital agency that understands the space in your industry anyway?

10. You’re too old

Hey if you’re over 40 don’t worry you’ve missed the boat. This digital stuff is for the next generation; you can probably get away with doing what you’ve always done for another 10 years.

There you go – 10 reasons to stick with traditional media with not an ounce of sarcasm.

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