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10 irrefutable reasons why the CEO should tweet.

Here’s why the CEO needs an active Twitter account. To humanise the brand by sharing expertise and personality. To reinforce the company’s unique position in the market. Because humans prefer engaging with humans rather than brands. To encourage a company-wide culture of commitment to modern digital marketing. Because a brand is not just a logo. […]

07/04/2014 in Social Media, Twitter

A/B Test #125: Will a red button increase conversions on landing pages?

Hypothesis: A red button will convert better on landing pages.  Hub Spot concluded this in a test they ran on pages on their site. Results: Landing Page Variant H – Moving Beyond Referrals ‘get your free copy’ Traffic allocation: 50% Visitors: 392 Conversions: 84 Conversion Rate: 21.43%   Landing Page Variant L – Moving Beyond […]

03/04/2014 in A/B Testing, Analytics

Why aren’t you doing this stuff??

Funnily enough it was finding this image that someone posted on LinkedIn on a completely different topic that prompted me to write this article. A picture says a thousand words doesn’t it? Before I go on let me please apologise in advance if this sounds like a gripe. It is borne by a sense of […]

Yellow Pages or SEO? Offline or Digital? Why you’re asking the wrong questions!

If you’ve ever been a regular Yellow Pages advertiser, the dilemma to renew your listing each year doesn’t get any easier. We’ve all been there! I’m tipping the results aren’t the no-brainer you wish it was! If you decide to sign on for another 12 months, it will be with some very real sense of […]

Don’t design a website to look better than your competitors

Assuming it’s not embarrassing, it’s really neither here nor there whether or not you think your website looks better than your competitors. Who can really say it looks better anyway? Design is subjective, so what you think and what a prospect might think could be two completely different things. Don’t get me wrong, sure it […]

Same Same But Different… a message from Bali to all Professional Service Firms

“Come look in my shop… PLEASE” “Special Morning price” “Like a massage please sir” “One more price for good luck” These are some of the sayings you’ll hear 100′s of times a day in Bali, but it’s this one that grabbed me… “Same Same but Different” The saying resonated with me as it’s also the […]

How to choose a digital agency

I have to say that I’m glad I’m not you and I don’t have to go through the process of finding a digital agency or web developer. In a lot of ways the industry is its own worst enemy in the way it poorly markets itself, ironically when that’s exactly what you’re engaging them to […]

How to develop a digital marketing strategy

There are 11 fundamental steps in developing a successful digital marketing strategy which can be downloaded at the end of this article. But before you do I’d like to qualify what I see a strategy is as it seems everyone has their own idea of its meaning. Perhaps you already have a marketing strategy, a […]

What’s more important to a prospective client – your office or your website?

How many prospective clients do you have out there? I’m not talking about ones that you have on your database – how many possible potential clients do you actually have out there, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands even? How many of them are going to see or visit your office? Yes I know we all […]

How much should you invest in your online presence?

Good question! I think by now we all accept that we at least have to have a website even if it’s just so people can find our phone number. When did you last use the yellow pages or a phone book? I’m sure we all also agree with the need for some sort of electronic […]