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I really don’t care what you think about your creative and neither should you.

Please take a few moments to take the test below. If you were in the market for a new house and these three houses were of equal value and in your price range, which style home would you pick? If you were in the market for a new car and these three cars were of […]

13/11/2014 in A/B Testing, Design

Three Ways To Kill Your Email Marketing

As a massive advocate for social media marketing, many of our clients are surprised when I say to them, “If you offered me ten Facebook page likes or one email address… I would always choose the email address.” “Offer me, one hundred Facebook page likes or one email address… and I would still choose the […]

06/11/2014 in Email Marketing, How To's

You call that a lead? This is a lead!

Most of us want more business and if not at least higher margin clients that value our work and are enjoyable to work with. We like to meet with prospects and discuss how we can help them solve the issues that keep them awake at night.  We’re experts in our field and feel comfortable discussing […]

16/10/2014 in Lead Generation

Why creative agencies will always work for free

As a marketer you may have been involved in many creative agency pitches and if you have it’s probably been enjoyable and entertaining. Not only that but you get to choose which agencies you bring in and as many as you like. You might even invite five or six to pitch if it’s a large […]

Are you just playing the numbers game with your approach to marketing?

Think about it – how do  you get yourself in front of prospects and attract them? The traditional approach involves all or some of the following; Branding Advertising Promotions Events Sponsorship Brochures and signage Yellow Pages Sales people & networking A website SEO and Google Adwords And let’s not even go there with cold calling… […]

Why I think your competitors are better than you are

Because their websites told me they were. They told me that they; Provide great customer service and are client focused Value and listen to their clients Are innovative and proactive Deliver solutions that will give me positive outcomes Have a proven process Have years of experience Have a great culture and support the community Agree […]

How should a generalist accounting firm approach digital marketing?

Well not by casting a net into the sea and hoping you find something edible among the by-catch. This is akin to trying to be found on the first page of Google under a search phrase something like “Accountants Melbourne” and hoping to attract a high quality client from among the “mum and dad” tax returners. […]

How should a generalist law firm approach digital marketing?

NOT WITH A SHOTGUN! Without doubt digital marketing is most effective when it is highly targeted at a narrow audience which creates obvious problems for large law firms with broad client bases. Understandably this is one reason why most firms marketing effort to date has been focused on the brand as it’s not practical or cost […]

Where have all the remarkable marketers gone?

Early in my career, I worked in marketing for an amazing company – a company that did great things. They were big, but they were innovative, industry leaders and were hungry for bigger and better.  They were a great company.  Which is why, in hindsight, it seems funny that this story includes them. You see […]

How owners and partners are letting their marketing teams down – the elephant in the room

What if I told you that your marketing team has decided not to go down the path they know your firm needs to go down because they know you will let them down? Trust me it happens and I have seen it too many times. One of the things I have learnt when it comes […]