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Entertainer or Lead Generator … who are you working with?

As you can see I’ve had a bit of fun here and I’m sure I will offend some people, however I feel comfortable in doing so as I was once an ‘entertainer’ myself. If you are currently working or propose to work with an ‘entertainer’ then you are living in the old world with them. […]

10 quick reasons why SEO has hair on it

Optimising your website for search engines is a given but spending money on an ongoing basis with an SEO “Practitioner” when you’re a professional services firm in the business of selling knowledge and expertise to other businesses has hair on it. Here’s 10 good reasons why… Google is continually trying to nullify “manufactured” SEO rankings […]

20 reasons to NOT get serious about digital lead generation

I’ll let you in on an important secret – most of your peers and competitors are asleep at the wheel! Yep in terms of digital lead generation Australian professional services firms are years behind other countries. Why? – I can only put it down to complacency driven by our relative immunity to the GFC – […]

Hello … it’s not a rebrand you’re looking for.

There are a number of reasons why you might be considering a rebrand. More than likely one of these … you’ve had the same brand from day one or for many years and think it’s time for a change you’ve merged or made an acquisition there’s been a change in the market it’s embarrassing to […]

How to dramatically increase your conversion rates in under 3 minutes

Yep the world sure loves video. Let me first hit you with some compelling statistics to prove it. Take out all the guess work A well constructed, inspiring and possibly humorous video will take all the guess work out of explaining the service you offer. People will much rather hear something explained to them than […]

Permission marketing for professional services firms

Michael Phelps makes swimming fast look damn easy. We all understand though, this human super fish has put a lifetime into his training and body to achieve those results. For most of us, although very envious of his ability and the accolades that result, we just don’t have it in us to do the same; […]

How to have an accountable marketing department

If you’re the owner or a partner of a firm with an in-house marketing department you probably get frustrated by the inability to measure its true effect on new business generation. For example do you know in terms of new business; What works and what doesn’t? How much difference your brand makes? What impact your […]

Why marketers are undervalued in Professional Services firms and what to do about it

I may put a few noses out of joint here but my own outside anecdotal experience leads me to contend that marketing and therefore by extension marketers in professional services firms are generally speaking, undervalued. They are certainly not held in the same regard as a fee earning Partner, not that I have seen anyway. Why not, […]

A desktop review of 100 Australian professional service firms websites – check out the results.

I’ve always known that the majority of all professional service firm’s websites look very similar but I recently decided to undertake some desktop research to back it up. I had a fair idea what I was going to find but I really didn’t think the results would be quite so compelling. It’s almost as if […]

Offline or Digital? Why you are asking the wrong questions! (Part 2)

Following on from part 1, I made a point that we can approach digital marketing either as a new medium, or a new paradigm. Failure to migrate our thinking to the new paradigm of digital means digital just looks like perhaps a new fancier and slightly more effective alternative to offline. As a new medium, […]