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Are you sitting on the same digital time-bomb the retail sector sat on?

We often hear from prospective clients that they know they need to get serious about digital marketing and lead generation but “the timing is not right” or words to that effect. The truth is however that the timing will never be right because finding the time is never a resourcing issue, it’s a priority issue. […]

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Digital marketing is your ultimate reality check – can you handle the truth?

Be prepared – the truth can hurt. One of the great things about digital marketing is that allows you to quite easily put your brand and offering right under the noses of the people you want as clients and the ability to measure their level of interest. When the initial level of interest is low […]

Why are you still running the rat race? We’re not.

I love our position in the marketplace. Nothing better than having less than a handful of serious competitors. I also love how the majority of creative firms position themselves. Or should I rather say, don’t position themselves. Below are a few random statements I picked up after googling for a few minutes. These are so […]

Ever thought you’re flushing marketing dollars down the toilet?

Rebrands, SEO, new websites, social media, magazine ads, billboards, brochures, golf days, entertainment, sponsorship’s etc etc etc………. How much have you spent on this stuff over the years? Did any of it work and if so can you prove it with real data? … or put another way which is just as worrying… Can anyone […]

I’m really sorry but 98% of you are talking the same old crap – a desktop review.

I’ve conducted another desktop review of 100 random professional service firm websites. Not so much from a creative perspective as I covered off that off in my previous review. This time I really wanted to find out what you are actually telling me about your firm. They say a prospect only needs 0.05 seconds on […]

Leveraging digital to increase your referral network

We all know that a lot of new business in the professional services sector comes by way of referral right? Right and for many firms and services that’s not going to change anytime soon, but what is and will continue to change is the way we attract and keep our referrers. It would be a […]

The best website is a non-branded website.

A great way to improve your website is to take all the branding off it. Take the logo off, take slogans off, take the photos off, take the colours off, in fact just leave the words on blank white pages. I know it’s a bit much to ask, however imagine if you actually did. What […]

You’re in the trust industry but I don’t trust your website

Based on my own desktop research I found that 82% of professional service firm websites use stock images on their homes pages. Use of generic images, if chosen well can work, however images of people you don’t know on your home page or anywhere else for that matter is a no go zone. These are […]

62% of firms are planning to increase their referrals in 2015 – Are you rowing a boat to the moon?

Yes that’s right 62% of firms are planning to increase their referrals in 2015. Problem is not everyone can do so because there are only a finite number of them out there so for you to win unfortunately someone else has to lose right? So what are you going to do differently to everyone else […]

Don’t you dare rip me off

Hey if you want my email address so you can put me in your sales funnel then that’s fine I don’t mind, I know how the world works, but just make sure you give me something of equal value in return. My email address and more importantly my time is worth a lot to me […]